Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesdays = Works in Progress

Thanks to illness I have had an interesting week but, on the plus side, lots of enforced time at home means lots of opportunity to craft.  So, though nothing is yet finished, I do have a few things on the go, including -
  • My first ever quilt - nearly ready for basting.  Yay!  I am super excited about this project, not least of all because it is for the newest man in my life, my friend's gorgeous baby boy, Mr M.  As I would like the finished product to be a surprise there are no photos just yet.  But, because a post should always have a picture, here is Mr M in the womb, at 19 weeks.  Freaky!  Gorgeous!

  • 3, yes three, half-made personalised pillows for more new babies.  These are now at the hand-stitching stage so I can see a few hours on the couch in my near future.  Hopefully more on these to be posted soon.
  • Knitting, knitting and some more knitting.  At this stage I don't even know what I am making but it is something, I assure you 
  • A gorgeous little astronaut softie based on a pattern by the talented Rachel Woodley of The Two Windmills.  I actually started this months ago after the birth of my newest nephew, Mr A.  But... for some strange reason, this project has been abandoned and needs to be resurrected.  Soon.  Maybe.
I also have lots and lots of new projects whirling around my mind so I'd better get busy.  Wish me luck!



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