Sunday, June 30, 2013

Are You Following Me?

Yes, the day is finally here - the last dying minutes of Google Reader are upon us.   It has been coming for awhile but it seemed that so many of us were in denial.  Once it's gone, though, that's it so please don't leave it another second longer... or you really may kick yourself tomorrow.

To make things easier for you, I've spent some time this week playing with my wee blog and have included buttons in my sidebar for you to follow me via bloglovin or feedly.


These seem to be the main two platforms that people are switching to but, as it is personal preference, I will leave the choice up to you.

Here are my bloglovin and feedly links again, just incase. ;)

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And, while we're at it, please feel free to click the other pretty buttons for my Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook and, oh yes, you'd better believe it - Instagram - accounts.  They all open new tabs so you can go crrrrazy and click them all!  ;)

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So, yep, I finally took the plunge and signed up to IG (as missymaccreations) and, boy, am I glad I did.  It is fun!

I'm still a complete newbie but am enjoying playing along.  I would love to have you join me!

Sometimes I may even include little sneak peaks of secret projects...

Quilting away.  #lechallenge

... like my next Le Challenge entry.  ;)

If you'd like me to stalk follow you, too, then be sure to let me know your IG ID in the comments.  :)


Saturday, June 29, 2013

TGIFF - Owl Plus quilt

Without unnecessary fanfare, may I please introduce the finished Owl Plus quilt.


I first started this quilt back in March, with the plan to finish it before (a) our honeymoon and (b) Miss L was born.  Um... yeah... that didn't exactly happen but I am please to say that it is now on it's way to the East, only a mere 5 weeks late (ahem).

As previously acknowledged, I've been wanting to make a plus quilt for ages so was thrilled to finally have a go at it.  To make things even easier I used this fabulous tutorial, though I did add a little more to the width and length.


Of course, working with these adorable owls made the whole project even more enjoyable.  I must admit - I love Ann Kelle!


After a few false starts, I ended up settling on a crosshatch design for the quilting.  Simple and quick!

I spent some time reading this post by Leah Day and playing with the tension so that I could use white on top, but a dark pink thread in the bobbin.


Yes, Leah does advise against using different threads and though I did end up with small white dots... I am still really happy with it.  Trust me, it is much, much, much better than my first attempts with just the dark pink!


For the back I used a dark pink spot (that also appears on the front) and then added in my usual strip to give it some much needed added width.  Of course, it also had the added benefit of using up some of my scraps.

Owl Plus Quilt - binding and label

I had originally planned to bind it in a solid pink but realised I had used it all for this quilt so went with these spots instead.  I was a bit nervous at first but am happy with the result.

And, yes, that is a label, Becca.  ;)

All up, I am thrilled with how it turned out.  I have been loving working with more solids this year but have definitely enjoyed playing with some prints again.  Sure, the final result is busy but, for me, it works and is super bright and cheerful.  Hopefully Miss L loves it too - for many years to come.

That's not to say that I won't be making another plus quilt in the future, though - just in solids.  ;)

Quilt stats:
Name: Owl Plus (original, I know)
Size: 43" x 57"
Prints/fabric lines include:
Urban Zoologie Pink Staggered Owls by Ann Kelle
Remix Garden Daisy Dance by Ann Kelle
Notting Hill Tangerine Tulips by Joel Dewberry
Nordic Holiday Orange Swirly Gig by Michael Miller
Winterkist Pink Rain Bubbles by Happy Zombie
Spot On White on Pink Pindots by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Spot On Orange Tonal  Pindots by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Good Morning Orange Juice Honeycomb by Me and My Sister Designs
Ticklish Yelping Yellow Fancy Fun by Me and My Sister Designs
Ticklish Yelping Yellow Laughing Stripes by Me and My Sister Designs
Ticklish Yelping Yellow Tickle Dots by Me and My Sister Designs 
Sketch Yellow Screen Texture by Timeless Treasures Fabrics
Sketch Candy Screen Texture by Timeless Treasures Fabrics


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travel Diary #1 - Mekong Quilts

As I've previously bragged about mentioned Mr C and I have recently returned from our month-long honeymoon traveling through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  It was truly amazing and we loved every crazy second.

Of course, inbetween the touring, adventuring, relaxing and, yes, eating, I did manage to squeeze in a few crafty activities, including some oohing and ahhing at some gorgeous quilts.

Mekong Quilts heart quilt close up


These beauties, and many others, were for sale in Mekong Quilts, Hanoi.  This not-for-profit organisation offers employment to village women throughout Vietnam and Cambodia - providing training, a fair wage and a safe environment to work.


Mekong Quilts shop display

It is a fantastic initiative, with 15 groups employed through out the region to stock the seven Mekong Quilts shops.  The profits from sales are also re-invested back into the communities, with things like school scholarships for children and agricultural training.  Win-win-win!

Mekong Quilts jungle baby boy quilt

Mekong Quilts bedroom display

I, of course, had to buy something and with a new little boy on his way I couldn't resist this gorgeous tiger cushion / pillow / beanbag cover.

Mekong Quilts tiger cushion cover

The hand stitching is just fabulous.


Since I've been home I've also whipped up a simple and not-so-attractive insert to fill the cover.  This will serve two purposes - (1) it provide a level of safety so all those little beans stay enclosed and (2) it makes washing a breeze.

Insert for Mekong Quilts cushion cover

The cushion is now all soft and squishy and ready to meet Mr P.  I hope he likes it!

For more information on Mekong Quilts, check out their informative website.  You'll find lots of interesting tidbits and even videos.  A catalogue is also available for download so be sure to check out the amazing works and even consider supporting this worthwhile cause.  You'll be glad you did!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

WIP - Mish Mash

As I've had a few other things on my mind of late my craftiness has been jumping around like a frog on steroids.  You have been warned

First up, I was a good girl and finally quilted my plus quilt (first shown waaaay back in March).

QUILTING - Crosshatch on plus quilt

Now all I need to do is to have a few hours of quality couch-time while I handsew the binding on.  Any good movies anyone can recommend?  Please, no fantasy or sci-fi.  Blurgh.  ;)

To continue being a good girl, I also finished up my blocks for the Care circle of do.good.stitches.

QUILT BLOCK - Garden Lattice for do.good.stitches Care Circle, June 2013

For June, my gorgeous friend, Kristy, requested Garden Lattice blocks (minus one strip) in yellows and greys, with a black centre and bright white crossover.  I love the simplicity of these blocks and think the final quilt will look stunning.

Another set of blocks I've been working on are Bear Paws, as I've been itching to join along with Lucy and Janine.

Bear Paw

Originally with these I tried this method for the HST but found the bias edges a little tricky.  After a small moment of stomping my uggies I pulled it together and went back to ye olde fashioned way.  Sure, it is a little more work but I was much happier with the results.

QUILT BLOCKS - Bear Paws in orange

The plan for these are a baby quilt for a little boy born just last month.  My colour palette will be based around this perfect backing fabric I picked up yesterday, while engaging in some much needed retail therapy.

FABRIC - Paddington Bear

Cute, no?

While I was shopping I had to pick up some backing fabric for Shiver Me Timbers, my pirate quilt.  I initially wanted something theme-appropriate, like crossbones or some such, but in the end I went with something on sale and in Perth. 


Sure, an excuse to order online and then have to fill up the envelope with the full 9 yds (to save money, obviously) would have been nice but... so would a new bathroom.  And laundry.  And furniture.  And garden.  I'm sure you get the picture.

Thirdly, I might have also grabbed this sweet Wink Wink in Meadow, a part of the Botanika collection by Paula Press for Michael Miller.

FABRIC - Wink Wink in Meadow

The reason for this purchase is hush hush but... aren't those birds just so sweet?!

And then, lastly, I also grabbed a few bits and pieces for my secret Le Challenge project.  Are you playing along this month?  I hope so!  I can not wait to see everyone's interpretations of the theme: TOFFEE.

Well that's where I am at currently.  I can't promise that anything listed here will actually be worked on next - but one can only hope!  ;)


PS - Apologies for the crappy phone pics.  My camera and I are currently fighting.  Unfortunately it seems to be winning.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced. PS - have you seen her fabulous new pattern, Diamond Tread? LOVE!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Le Challenge - Shiver Me Timbers!

Le Challenge

Ahoy there me hearties!

After missing the last Le Challenge (I may have been a little busy...) I was determined to play along this month.  In fact, I was soooo keen that I jumped straight online on the 15th to find out the new theme and then began brainstorming immediately.  Luckily for me, we were stuck in an airport at the time so there was plenty of opportunity to sit back and think.  AND... bug Mr C to help me.

Funnily enough, he took my "it's ok to think outside the square" to heart and went from the theme of "maritime" straight to...

He assures me this way of thinking was pure inspiration.  I have my suspicions that he was really just hanging out for a rum.  ;)

Eager to play the "good wifie" (hey, we were less than a month in at that point so I might have still been delusional.  hehehe) I accepted his challenge and spent the next two weeks of our honeymoon mulling over the idea as often as I possibly could.  Obsessed much?!

In the end I decided on a pixelated Jolly Roger.  Fun!  To make my life even easier, I did a quick search for a free pirate cross stitch pattern and totally scored...


Then, using some new skills I learnt in Caro Sheridan's free Craftsy class, Pictures to Pixel Quilts, I roughly transferred the chart into a workable quilt design on Excel.

From there it was a simple matter of counting, measuring, swearing, re-counting, cutting, cutting, cutting, sewing, pressing... sewing some more... until...

Jolly Roger Pirate quilt top

The finished "Shiver Me Timbers" pirate quilt top (at 41" x 55") is as far as I've gotten at this stage but, I have to admit, I LOVE it.  You just have to get excited when the picture in your mind comes to fruition like that.

Jolly Roger Pirate quilt top - strip pieced

No idea how I'm going to quilt this one (any ideas?) but thinking of either getting some snuggly flannel for the backing or some cool, theme-appropriate cotton like...

Hmm.  Decisions, decisions.  I might need to think some more.

So, that's my entry for this month's Le Challenge (thankfully finished quilt tops are acceptable.  Yay!).  A different take on most people's interpretation of 'maritime', maybe, but I'm glad that, firstly Lucy and Nat encouraged me to think outside the square... and then Mr C pushed that even further.



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP - Hellooooo

Hello everyone

As promised, I am back after our epic honeymoon in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  A big thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments on my last post.  Even Mr C was touched!  Thank you all.

In all honesty we have actually been home for just over a week now and though I haven't been blogging I assure you I have been sewing.

First up were my May blocks for the do.good.stitches Care circle.  Merran had been kind enough to wait for me to return from my travels so I made it a priority to get these paper pieced fish finished and sent straight away.

QUILT BLOCK - Fish for do.good.stitches Care Circle, May 2013

Thankfully Merran's package of the template and some Kona Snow was patiently waiting for me... and... the tutorial she wrote was super simple to follow.  YAY!  It was a new method of paper piecing for me (using freezer paper) but they all came together quickly and easily.  Double YAY!  I can not wait to see this quilt finished.

Next up was... a secret project.  More to come on that one, but you may have to be patient.

Le Challenge

Thirdly... another secret.  I know, I know, I'm a total pain.  Never fear, though, this one is for this month's Le Challenge so all will be revealed this Saturday, 15th June.  Until then all I will say is this - Mr C helped me in narrowing down the focus of this one so you may need to think outside the square to guess where we took the 'maritime' theme.  Definitely no pretty dolphins for me.  ;)

See you on Saturday!  Hope you'll have some to link up too.

Ahh... it's nice to be home.  :)

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