Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lollipop Nose Critters... now here!

Of late, I have been getting A LOT of interest in my Reindeer Lollipop Critters but, thanks to my non-existent technological skills, it seems I've created a whole heap of confusion when I switched blog names.  So, in the interests of making things easier for all, I am reposting the pattern here...


I first showcased the Lollypop Nose Reindeer tutorial in 2012 (see here) but as it was mind-blowingly popular I thought I'd write up a little update, with a printable PDF pattern AND templates.  And not just one little reindeer template, oh no, now you can also make a cheeky elf and a rather handsome Santa.  Fun!

Lollipop Nose Critters - Elf, Reindeer & Santa

I have to say, these little critters are so cute - you'll want to get the kids together and make a whole bunch.  They are perfect for everyone - especially as gifts for classmates.  Write a little message on the back and you don't need to include a separate card.  Win win!

Lollipop Nose Critter - back

Cute, yes?!

Want to make your own?  Well, of course you do.  So... I am proud to offer everyone the tutorial and templates for FREE.  Yippee!  All is ask is that you rightfully respect my pattern and not re-sell it in any way, shape or form and/or any items made from it.  Fair enough?  Good-o.  :)

the free printable PDF (with templates!)

Sorry but you will need a Craftsy account for the download but, if you don't have one already, never fear - they are free and easy to sign up for.  Plus they are definitely worth having to access some amazing and creative patterns and classes.  You'll be gobsmacked, believe me.

I truly hope that you have fun creating these lovelies.  Please, please, please send me pics if you make them as I'd love to see!