Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIFF - From Placemats to PJs

Welcome! My name is Erin and I'm the post host of this week's Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday linky party.  Please do come on in and make yourself at home.

Those of you who read my (incredibly long and eclectic) WIP post on Wednesday may be wondering if I did, in fact, get the i-spy placemat finished.  Well, in a word...

WIP - personalised I spy quilted placemat, Fred

... no.

In more than one word (here comes the creative excuse) - I had run out of basting spray, my local craft store didn't have any in stock and my pins have already been boxed up in preparation for the big move.  Doh!

So, with the TGIFF deadline looming I needed a Plan B, and fast!  Embarassingly enough my WIP basket is over-flowing with a variety of projects so it didn't take long to find some pj pieces that had been cut but not sewn.  Admittedly it didn't take long because they were right on top, having only been cut a week or so ago on a barely-thought-out whim, but I was so desperate I went with them.

3T sleepover pajama pants in paisley

These are size 3T from the Sleepover Pajamas sewing pattern by Oliver + S.  I've tackled this project before so thankfully they came together rather quickly.  Unfortunately they are a tad rough in some areas due to my haste (and stress) but I'm pretty sure Miss L won't notice the glitches.

I didn't have the time or fabric to make a matching top so I decided to go with the cheat's option by buying a simple white tee from Target and adding some applique (and embroidered touches).

3T sleepover pajama pants in paisley and white appliqued bird tee

As Miss L (and her daddy) loves birds I couldn't resist.  The design itself is from this free embroidery pattern available at French Knots.  Gotta love when things are that easy!

bird applique close up

To secure the applique (after initially attaching it to the tee with Vliesofix) I decided to practise my FMQ by outlining the shape four times with white thread.  It's definitely not perfect with a few wonky areas but I quite like the effect.  And, it's kinda nice to see my skills are slowly but surely improving (there is a reason you never saw my first attempts!).

At this point in the program I really should have an adorable picture of the gorgeous Miss L modelling her new jarmies but, alas, there is no time to go a-visiting.  Sorry!  I will endeavour to steal a three year old off the street for the next set.  ;)

Lastly, before I shut up and hand the reins over to YOU, I'd like to extend a huge thanks to Kristy for agreeing to be my Plan C and host today if I didn't finish anything in time.  Ta muchly for taking some of the pressure off lovely!

Seriously, that's enough from me.  If you have a finish to share please link up below.  I kindly ask that in doing so you mention TGIFF in your post and also visit the other linkees to say 'hello'.  Together we can all share the love.  Thanks!  :)


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIP - Where Do I Begin?

Sooo much is happening around here as we're in the midst of renovating our "new" house in preparation for the big move next month.  So far we've ripped out the old kitchen and put together the new cabinets in readiness for installation.

Unfortunately Mr C and I are now stuck on paint colours.  Like, seriously, how many choices can there possibly be??  It's insane.  And quite mind-boggling.  As we're going to have gorgeous Jarrah floorboards we're looking for a pretty neutral wall that will compliment the timber. Currently we have narrowed it down to these three...

Dulux Hog Bristle

Dulux Warm Neutral

Solver Vitesse

 And if we still can't agree after those I'm just going to paint the whole place in this...

Dulux Deep Exquisite

Ok, maybe not, but ARGH my head is about to explode.

So, what does one do when one is sick and tired of thinking about paint colour?  Well, think about fabric colour of course.  Crazy, I know, but when I heard about Becca's Low Volume Swap I had to sign up.

Low Volume Swap

The idea of a neutral quilt, ala Milk & Cookies by Red Pepper Quilts, is really appealing to me right now.  And the fabric choices popping up on the swap's flickr board are lovely.  How exciting!

I had lots of fun scrolling through online stores to find suitable low volume fabrics.  In the end I went with these lovelies from Hawthorne Threads.

Floral Elements in Winter Wheat

Sari in Grey

LOVE!  Particularly the Sari by Dear Stella.  I hope they work well with everyone's choices.  Fingers crossed.

Now I've piqued your interest, make sure you head on over to Becca's to find out more information and, of course, sign up!

Moving away from colour, now, I've also had a million and one ideas bouncing around in my head for Donktober.  Huh, what is Donktober, you ask?  Well, basically, it's a crazy thing I dreamed up to celebrate the wonder that is the ass - a month of donkey related projects from quilts to stitching to softies.


A-huh, I'm mad.  But it should a least be a bit of fun... errr... ridonkulousness!  Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Hmm, so what about actual craft?  Well, admittedly, with all of that going on not much hands-on sewing was happening.  I say "was" because yesterday I suddenly realised that I'd signed up to be this Friday's post host of Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday.  Umm...uh oh!

Thankfully I had a rather quick and easy project on my "Monkey See, Monkey Do" personal Pinterest challenge to-do list:

I-spy quilted placemat by Mon Petit Lyons

After spending time yesterday rummaging through my stash for suitable fabrics to fussy cut I've now come up with this:

WIP - personalised I spy quilted placemat, Fred

WIP - personalised I spy quilted placemat, Fred - close up
Yep, I spy a donkey!

I just have to finish the applique then quilt then bind.  You know the drill.  Wish me luck.  And be sure to pop back this Friday to see if I've finished it in time.  ;)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm linking up to this week's Work in Progress Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.  Pop over for a look see - after signing up for the Low Volume Swap, of course!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Who's a Lucky Girl then?!

Due to our current kitchen / house renovations not much crafting has been happening in Chez Missy Mac (or, apparently, blogging, for that matter) but today I was lucky enough to receive not one but TWO fabulous handmade presents from across the seas.

First up is this lovely mini quilt from Sandra in Canada (or Roccagal on Flickr) who made this especially for me as part of round 2 of the Name Game Swap.  I love the bright colours; the hand quilting and, of course, the rather awesome piecing for my name.

CLOSE UP - Name Game Swap R2 mini quilt - Erin, paper pieced

And there's a close up of said piecing.  LOVE!

Thank you Sandra.  I look forward to hanging this in my soon-to-be NEW sewing room.

Secondly I received a package from my gorgeous bloggy friend, Becca.  We have been email buds since we both first started blogging just over a year ago (I know, I missed my 1st anniversary... whoops!) and we've come to truly love, trust and respect one another.  So, when I went through a bit of a hard time recently she was one of those that I leant on for support, even across the miles.  And, as she couldn't be here in person, she sent the next best thing...

PILLOW - hug reverse applique by making rebecca lynne

How beautiful is that?  Not only the pillow, the fabric or the reverse applique (which are all completely perfect) but also the gesture itself.  It is truly special and, I have to admit, as soon as I opened the box, I sat on the couch, gave the pillow a big hug and had a little cry.  Pathetic, maybe.  Touched, definitely.

So, thank you, Becca, for this little piece of you.  Words can not express.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm a Winner!

One of the nicest feelings you can get after a shitty day, is a phone call, text message, email or the like from a friend.  Even just a little "Hi.  How you going?  Thinking of you." is enough to start seeing a little sunshine peeking through the clouds.  So, imagine my joy when I awoke at 3am (ugh!) and had an email from the lovely Lucy (yay!).  What a nice surprise.  Thanks chicky.

But then it got even better as she was also writing to let me know that I'd won her latest giveaway - a free embroidery pattern from Sublime Stitching.  Yippeeeee!

I have been meaning to start a new embroidery project for a few weeks now so this might just be the kick-start I need.  I mean, I haven't done any stitching since finishing this owl waaaaay back in January.  Shocking!

Of course, before I could get started, I had to first choice a pattern but - Oh. My. Gosh. -  with sooo many lovely designs they sure do make it difficult!

There's these gorgeous critters...

Or how about a little bit of caravan love...

Or maybe you'd prefer this cheeky guy...

In the end, though, I had to go with my original choice...

I just can't get over that little minx.  Makes me giggle every time.  I just can't wait to get started on her.

Thanks to Lucy for a fabulous giveaway and to Sublime Stitching for the gorgeous designs!


Friday, August 3, 2012

TGIFF - A Ticker Tape Parade

Believe it or not but it's already Friday and in Blogland that can only mean one thing - TGIFF.  This week I'll be hosting as M-R and Laura attend to other matters but, luckily for me, I've had a finish lying around for weeks that I've been meaning to blog about but... well... yeah.

Regular readers may remember my unfinished ticker tape doll quilt from this post.  Back then I was feeling rather distressed about the way the pieces had started to angle towards one corner but after a few nice comments and some kicks in the backside to just get it done I finally forged ahead.

Pink Ticker Tape Doll Quilt - front

The great thing about this style of quilt is that it is a fantastic scrap buster.  It also is rather quick and easy as it uses the QAYG (quilt as you go) method, which essentially means the "piecing" and quilting happen simultaneously.  Gotta love that!

Pink Ticker Tape Doll Quilt - close up

As this doll quilt is destined for my friend's 5 year old daughter, Miss A, and her donkey (you remember Ruby, right?) I went with zig-zagged edges to make it a little more secure and up for all kinds of crazy adventures.

Pink Ticker Tape Doll Quilt - back

The zig zags leave a funky yet subtle effect on the back with I really like.  :)

For more on Ticker Tape quilts check out this fantastic post by Rachel of Stitched in Color.

Ok, that's enough from me - now it's your turn.  What finish/es have you got to show off this week?  Link up below and share the excitement.


EDITED TO ADD - the finished size for this doll quilt is 17" x 20".  Sorry for forgetting to put that information in initially.  I seem to always forget the important stats.  Duh!  :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP - You Zig, I'll Zag

Unfortunately not much crafting has been happening in Chez Missy Mac this week, as life keeps getting in the way.  Boo!

Even so, I do have a few new projects on the go. I know, I know, I need new projects like I need a hole in the head... but...

WIP - zig zag chevron rainbow quilt

... I HAD to make a start on this mini quilt in preparation for my submission to Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine (yippee!).  It is based on the wallhanging I made for my secret partner in the second round of the Name Game Swap.

I love the colourful zig zags and the slightly narrower white edges - it has truly been a pleasure to make.  Unfortunately I am now stuck on the applique design so things have come to a screeching halt whilst I draw, draw again, re-draw, draw some more.  Well, I think you get the idea.  I have my fingers crossed that I will still love my latest draft tomorrow so I can finally get a move on.

Thanks to Kristy of Quiet Play I have also recently tried my hand at paper piecing.  It was only fair I swallowed my fear and had a go after I'd basically pushed her into designing.  As I'm a complete novice and, let's face it, a little unco, I chose to start with her gorgeous little house pattern as she assured me it is the perfect project for beginnners.

Paper pieced quilt block - house

I have to admit (a little begrudgingly) - it was fun!  I did make a few mistakes that required time with my trusty seam ripper but overall I'm happy with how I did.  I'm now planning on playing with a few more of Kristy's patterns to make a small charity quilt for Blankets of Love.

I am completely and utterly in love with Kristy's transport series too (I've even been told that there's more to come!) that I'm even considering a gorgeous little boy quilt in my future.  It's been added to the list!

And, while I'm gushing about the fabulousness that is Kristy, be sure to check out her new blog hop - starting today!  There is a lovely charm pack up for grabs to make it worth your while.  ;)

 Practically Paper Piecing

Ok, that's probably enough about my girl crush.  My apologies for going on and on and on and on.

Before I leave you, though, just a little heads up that I will be hosting the TGIFF linky party this Friday - so be sure to come back and check out my finish.  It's a little piece of cuteness.  AND, I promise not to mention Kristy.  ;)


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm joining in the fun over at Freshly Pieced's Work in Progress Wednesday linky party. Be sure to check it out.