Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP - The Renovation Continues

With our move-in deadline fast approaching (this Sunday!!!!) we have been busy over the last few weeks getting as much done as possible.

Installing first wall cabinet in kitchen

Excitingly, all the kitchen cabinets are now in.  This installation was quite a fun time for me as I literally just sat back and watched the men work.  Afterall someone had to make sure they did it right.  He he he.

We are now waiting on the benchtop, which will hopefully be installed next week.

Erin painting above front door

Remember our paint dilemma?  Thankfully we finally decided on a colour, after umming and ahhing for what felt like forever.  Sorry to those who voted for 'Hog Bristle' (for the name alone!) but in the end we went with Solver Vitesse and I love it!  It's a soft grey-ey brown (or is that brown-y grey?) and looks terrific with our gorgeous Jarrah floorboards (which are being sanded and polished as I write).

Sambo and Erin painting main bedroom

Mr C and I are also extremely lucky to have some amazing friends & family members who have been helping in various ways throughout the process - and we thank them profusely for all the help.

In fact, one mate was so keen to come over and start painting that he ran out of his house wearing mis-matched shoes.  A-huh.  Don't believe me?  Well...

Mis-matched shoes

Gotta love when they are that keen!  Might have to remember that when we start the vegie garden.  And the chicken coop.  And the bathroom.  And... uh oh.

That's it really.  Bit boring I know but it'll be over soon.  I promise to post the before and afters within the next few weeks.  It's different, I assure you!


With all that going on, not much crafting has been happening, except for a few secret little projects in preparation for Donktober - due to start this coming Monday.  I hope you are all ready for a month of ridonkulousness!  I know I'm excited.  :)

Ok, seeing as I'm in such a good mood, I'll leave you with a little sneak peek of the first project on offer.

Pile of purple buttons

Ooo lots & lots of lovely buttons.  Come back on Monday to find out more.  ;)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fresh Squeezed Fabrics - Pin It to Win It!

Taken from I Have to Say

This is an interesting competition that I've only just come across, thanks to Heather's blog post (and then the rest of the WORLD!)

Apparently, it's as simple as this -

(1)  Head over to Fresh Squeezed Fabrics
(2)  Pin your favourite FQ bundle on Pinterest
(3)  Encourage people to re-pin your choice
(4)  Once you've received enough pins to match the dollar value of your choice - you win it!
(5)  Email

EASY!!!  But get onto it quick - closing date is this Thursday, 27th September.

I decided to play along and selected this gorgeous bundle of Bella.  Noice!  You can find my pin here.

AND, believe it or not, but I have already reached the 15 pins needed to score it.  Awesome.  Thanks to everyone who helped out.

If you're playing along too please leave me a comment and I'll more than happily help you out.


UPDATE 26/9 - Due to the overwhelming response, the competition's deadline was brought forward and, consequently, is now closed.  Please see here.


Sunday, September 2, 2012


I've come across a few fabulous sales this weekend so thought I'd help spread the word.

First up is from the super-dooper Sublime Stitches who have 50% off (yes, you read that correctly!) all their patterns and more until Monday night (their time).  Just don't forget to enter the code at checkout - BACK_2_STITCHIN

Click here!

I have to admit that I succumbed to this deal - ordering one two four patterns last night, including the gorgeous new Kokeshi Dolls.

If you are more into sewing then what about whipping up some clutches, purses or handbags with Michelle Patterns?!  Using the code laborday you can score yourself 20% off.  Love it!

Click here!

I've made a few of her pocket clutches in the past and, honestly, the step-by-step patterns are fantastic.  Check them out.

Lastly, if you have been dying to extend your quilting library then look no further than the amazing sale over at C&T Publishing.  They have an array of books on offer, starting from just $2.  Wowsers!

In particular, I'm eyeing off Block Party - available for just $10.00.  That's less than half price!

So, there's my top three Labor Day specials.  For more information on sales, this weekend and year-round, check out Fabric Donkey.  I warn you, though, the temptation may prove too much.  ;)

Have fun shopping!