Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DONKTOBER - A HST Donkey Quilt

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Many moons ago I was on the hunt for a cute donkey quilt pattern and, much to my surprise to be honest, I came across this old beauty, originally designed in the 1930s and then republished in a Kansas newspaper in 1977.

Of course, I dove right in and started my own little version, with the idea of making a doll sized quilt for a friend's daughter and Ruby, her donkey.  Too bad I didn't bother to think too hard about the math so, with each finished square at 1 3/4", it turned out a little bit big.

Donkey mini quilt


Then the amazing Laura suggested adding another border of pink squares around the perimeter, to centre the donkey and keep it away from the binding.  Though I completely agreed with this idea, I was a little worried about it getting even bigger - and thus not even be suitable for a wall-hanging.


So, what's a girl to do other than just keep on cutting and keep on sewing?

HST Donkey Quilt, in progress

What's the final size of this "doll quilt", you ask?  About 40" x 40".  It's ok, you can laugh.  I am.

DONKEY QUILT - quilting has begun

Quilting has now commenced so she's on her way to a finish, with black and white striped fabric all ready for the binding.  Hopefully I will have it all done in time to show off during the Donktober linky party.


Speaking of the linky party, it's hard for me to say but today is officially the last day of Donktober.  NOOO!!!  It has been a fabulous month and I've had a ball seeing everyone's donkilicious creations.  Thanks to everyone for playing along and having a laugh with me.  I look forward to seeing more fabulousness next week.


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday, hosted by Lee at Freshly Pieced.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DONKTOBER - It's Gonkey Time

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Yes, it's true, Donktober is nearly at an end but that doesn't mean we have to leave quietly.  Oh no, let's go out with a bang and spread the donkey love to every dark and dingy corner, and beyond.  I challenge you!

Firstly, for those who aren't into crafty exploits and would rather spend a few $$$ and adopt your own little ass, whilst also supporting some awesome small businesses, then check out these cuties from etsy.

COLLAGE - Squishy Donkeys on Etsy

Clockwise, from top right:

Adorable, yes?!  I am literally drolling over that coin purse.  Cute, funny and functional all at once.  Perfect.

AND / OR...

How about creating your very own donkilicious game, ideal for kids and big kids alike.  Lucky for us the lovely Ms Fabric Donkey has designed an entertaining donkey, sorry gonkey, game for everyone to create and play.  Fun!  Pop over to the Fabric Donkey blog to find out more.



Friday, October 26, 2012

DONKTOBER - Read This.

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YAY - I have a Friday finish!  A donkilicious library bag. What more does a book loving, donkey obsessed gal need?

LIBRARY BAG - front, paper pieced donkey

This little library bag is particularly exciting to me for a variety of reasons, not least of all that it's my first completely finished paper pieced project.  Big, nay, HUGE, thanks to Kristy for the gorgeous donkey pattern and fabulous tutorial (available here!) - as well as the endless words of encouragement insisting that I could, in fact, paper piece.

LIBRARY BAG - paper pieced donkey

The back of the bag includes a simple pocket for notepads, pens, bit-and-bobs.


Lastly, I lined it in a DS print that, I must say, matches perfectly.  I'm really loving this colour combo.

LIBRARY BAG - lining, DS fabric

Library Bag stats:

Fabrics used - Kona Berry, Heirloom's Tile Flourish in Amber, Verandah's Medallion Dots in Aqua and an unknown DS (anyone have a clue?)

Finished size -12" x 13"

What about you?  Do you have a Donktober finish too?  Would you like to join our up-coming linky party?  Then please read on...


As Donktober draws to a close (I know, it's sad) it's time to start thinking about next month's linky party.  I've mentioned it here and there but without any real indication of rules, timelines or prizes so it's now time to remedy that.

Firstly, the linky party will open on my blog, Missy Mac Creations, on Monday 5th November and run until midday (Perth time, +0.8 GMT) Friday 16th November.  That should allow you plenty of time to get your projects in the running for some great prizes.

Winners of said goodies will be picked by my good friend, Mr

Before we get to the prizes, though, I'd like to mention a few linky party rules.

1)  You may enter as many times as you like, with one link per unique project

2)  You must link to a specific blog post, not your blog home page

3)   The item must be donkey related by either being including a donkey shape, motif, print etc etc.  It is Donktober, afterall.  Click here for project ideas.

4)  The item must be handmade by you, within the last 12 months, and completely finished.

5)   Your linked up blog post must make reference to Donktober with a link back to this blog.  Feel free to grab the button from my sidebar.

... and, lastly, though this is not a requirement but more of a request, please take the time to check out the other links to share the donkey love.

Ok, enough about business, time for the fun stuff.  That's right, what are the prizes, you ask?  Well...

Tammy of Marmalade Fabrics has kindly donated a $20 gift certificate. Tammy has such a beautiful online store - you'll spend hours drooling over all the gorgeous collections.  Well, I know I did!

A $25 gift voucher is also up for grabs from Kelly of Fabrics You Love on etsy.  If you haven't come across this online shop before then I definitely suggest you check it out - her prices are amazing!

Lastly, but definitely not least, Delta Patchwork has generously offered a FQ bundle from the P&B Textiles Suede Midtones collection (that's 14 fat quarters!) AND a $50 gift certificate to their store.

P&B Textiles, Suede Mid Tone Collection
P&B Textiles Suede Midtones collection, FQ bundle

Thanks ladies for donating such fantastic prizes!

Don't forget - the linky party opens on Monday 5th November so get busy finishing (starting?!) those donktabulous projects.  I am super excited to see what you all create.  Have fun and good luck!


I'm linking up to this week's TGIFF linky party, hosted by Lynette of What a Hoot!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DONKTOBER - Ring A Ding Donkey

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Today's Donktober Hostess with the Mostest is the lovely Kelli of Seriously... I Think It Needs Stitches and, boy, does she have an adorable little phone case to show you.  You just have to head over there for a looksee.  :)

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement regarding the up-coming Donktober linky party - and what prizes are up for grabs.  All I can say now is, keep working on those donkey projects as you'll want to be in it to win it.  ;)


Monday, October 22, 2012

DONKTOBER - Jack and Jenny Giveaway!

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Yep, it's time.  Get excited.  As promised on Friday, Laurie Wisbrun is hosting a donktabulous giveaway on her blog, giving you the chance to win a FQ set of her Jack and Jenny fabric in, wait for it, all 3 colourways!

To give you some inspiration, Laurie has also included some cute pics of items she has made with the donks.  Loving the blocks!

QUILT - Jenny Strips in the Rain, front
Jenny Strips in the Rain.  Read more here.

Or you can do as I did and make a totally fun little quilt.   

So, quick sticks, head over now and enter the giveaway.


Pop back this Wednesday to see a special Donktober post from the delightful Kelli of Seriously... I Think It Needs Stitches.


Friday, October 19, 2012

DONKTOBER - Jenny Strips in the Rain

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Oh my, I'm so excited - my first donkilicious quilt is finished!  It is bright, happy and absolutely perfect for a little girl.  Well, and for this big girl, truth be told.  ;)

I'd now like to proudly introduce you to "Jenny Strips in the Rain."

QUILT - Jenny Strips in the Rain, front

I was super, super excited when Laurie Wisbrun released this line - I just had to get my hands on some.  Boy, am I glad I did.  The donkeys are so adorable I think I swooned and the matching gumboots (wellies) are perfect-o.  Love!

To make the most of the designs I chose a simple strip quilt - I think the donkeys speak for themselves afterall.  As well as the three fabrics I had from the Jack & Jenny collection, I also threw in some green ric-rac, green swirls and pink stripes by Me & My Sister Designs and a random dark pink that I had in my stash.

QUILT - Jenny Strips in the Rain, front, close up

Admittedly I had a little freak-out when trying to decide on the binding and was umming and ahhing between black, white, pink or grey solids.  After Kristy wisely said "no" to the black I concentrated on the grey and thankfully found this grey and white dot by Denyse Schmidt (part her Aunt Edna collection, I think).  It is perfect and really compliments those gorgeous donks.

QUILT - Jenny Strips in the Rain, back

You've probably noticed before that I tend to take the simple route with the back - trying to stick to one piece as much as possible.  In this case I didn't have quite enough of the white so just threw in a few wonky strips to bulk it out oh-so-slightly.  Perfect!

As I still insist on hand-sewing my binding (some may call me 'anal') I literally finished this today - just in time.  It was a mission, though, let me tell you.  My poor hand is cramping big time.  Does anyone else still torture themselves with this method or am I the only one crazy enough?  Please don't let me be alone in this!

So, there you have it - donkey quilt #1.  At a finished 37" x 58" it is a slightly odd size but perfect for me to snuggle up on the couch and be lazy.  I'm definitely keeping this one for myself.  Even if it does hurt Mr C's eyes.  ;)


This Monday's Donktober host is the lovely and talented Laurie Wisbrun, designer of Jack and Jenny!  As a special treat for you all Laurie is hosting a giveaway of her gorgeous fabric.  Don't forget - on this Monday!


Linking up to today's TGIFF linky party over at Echinops and Aster.  Jenelle has an absolutely gorgeous finish to show-off so jump over and check it out.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DONKTOBER - Stitch This

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Great news - I've finally managed to track down my embroidery hoops amongst the millions of boxes yet to be unpacked.  Funny how I am quite happily living without things like plates and cutlery but have made sure that 99% of my craft supplies are now accessible.  Priorities and all that.  ;)

DONKEY EMBROIDERY - Pattern by Lucy of Charm About You

So, I've been able to make a start on Lucy's awesome FREE embroidery pattern (available here).  I'm looking forward to having this purple cutie hanging in my new sewing room.  Makes me smile and think of Lucy every time I look at it.  :)

To transfer this design to fabric I had a play with my new Sulky Iron-on Transfer Pen (I got mine from Cookies and Cream Craft.  Thanks Sandy!).  I'd never used it before and though I made a few minor errors (smudges) I'm confident I'll master it before long and, may I say, it will be awesome!  Trace, iron, stitch.  Easy!

If, after finishing Lucy's pattern (and entering her Jack & Jenny giveaway!), you find yourself with a bit of a need to stitch up some more adorable donkeys then, never fear, I've found a few more freebie patterns to keep you amused.  Yay!

What do you think of this gingham-style cutie found on TipNut...

Or this little sweetheart (and many others like her) from My Vintage Mending...

Or how about this handsome fellow from BarnCat1 on flickr...

LW 259

So, there you go - a few lovely embroidery patterns  to keep you busy.  Hope you like them!


Please, please, please (yes, I'm begging you) come back this Friday to see my FINISHED Jack & Jenny quilt, made especially for Donktober.  There might even be another little giveaway announcement.  I'm soooo excited!  ;)


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Linking up to WIP Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced.

Monday, October 15, 2012

DONKTOBER - Sock Donkey Tutorial

This post is part of Donktober 2012.  For more information please see here.

Meet Delilah.  She is a Sock Donkey.  No, that isn't a typo - monkeys are soooo 2011 afterall.  ;)

Delilah the Sock Donkey, climbing a tree

Like monkeys, though, Delilah can be a little bit cheeky at times and she loves to climb trees.  She's definitely a lot of fun to have around.

So, would you like to welcome your own little Sock Donkey into your life?  Well, it's your lucky day as I've prepared an easy, peasy tutorial for you to make a whole bunch of friends for Delilah.  Yay!

Ok, let's start.


1 pair knee high socks, in a funky colour and/or pattern 
Matching thread
Softie filling
2 buttons for eyes
Fabric scissors 
Sewing machine


Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 1 - pin the socks

Turn both socks inside out (wrong side out) and lay flat, with the heel pointing upwards.  Pin down the sides.  Pinning is particularly important if you're working with stripes.

Please note: this may seem extremely confusing but I chose to have my donkey with the inside of the socks as her finished coat.  I know, I'm strange, but I liked the subtle stripes.  Thus my pics are showing the right side of the fabric, when you will probably prefer to be working with the wrong side.  Sorry for the confusion!


Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 1 - cut the socks

Each sock now needs to be cut approximately half way between the heel and the top.  Please refer to the above picture to get an idea of what each piece will be used for.


Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 3 - sew the ears

Beginning about an inch below the heel, sew 1/4" from the centre down towards your cut.  When you are nearly at the end taper around to the side seam, creating a nice rounded end for the ear.  

Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 3 - rounding the ears

Don't stress too much about this step as the stretchy material is quite forgiving if your rounded ends aren't perfect.  If, like me, you would like to have a second go then go right ahead.  You may find that the first attempt had a basting effect, thus making it easier the second time around.

Repeat on the other side to create the second ear. 


Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 4 - shaping the ears

To separate the ears, cut around the ends and then straight down the middle, between your stitching lines.  Stop at the point where you started stitching.  Then cut 1" towards the heel, through one layer of sock only.  

Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 4 - the finished head and ears

Turn out  the sock through this extra 1" cut and fill.  Stitch the hole closed.  Congratulations, you now have the donkeys head and ears.


Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 5 - head and body

Repeat steps 3 & 4 to make the body and legs.  Yes, it's exactly the same method! 

Sew together these two pieces, at the neck. 


Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 6 - sewing and shaping the arms

Yes, I know they are really the front legs but for the purposes of clarity I'll call them arms.  Plus, if Delilah is clever enough to climb trees, then I think she's a new breed of donkey.  ;)

Grab your piece for the arms, and using the exact method you did for the ears and legs, start sewing at the cut end taper off when you reach the top of the sock.  Repeat on the other half to create both arms.  

Turn right-side out and fill.  Attach the arms to your donkey body. 


Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 7 - separating the tail and mane pieces

Separate the mane and tail pieces by cutting length-wise, just over the half way point.  This will allow for the mane to be a little bit longer.


Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 8 - cut the mane into strands

Cut strands in the mane to create the look of hair.  Be sure not to cut all the way through the width of the sock though.

Hand sew down the centre line onto the head and between the ears.  I then tied various strands into loose knots to ruffle it up a little more but it is entirely up to you.


Delilah the Sock Donkey, step 9 - sew the tail

Folding in half, right sides together, sew along the length of your tail from your original cut and stopping approximately 1.5" - 2" from the end.  As with the mane, cut this unsewn section into strands.

Turn tail right sides out and attach to your donkey.


Delilah the Sock Donkey, front view

Delilah the Sock Donkey, back view

Enjoy your new donkey friend. Don't forget to let me know if you make one.  I'd love to see him or her! And be sure to email me with any questions if you need any help. I'll do what I can.


There are currently two fabulous Donktober giveaways running so be show to check them out and throw your name in the hat to for the chance win some donkilicious fabrics.  You'll find them here and here.  Good luck!


Friday, October 12, 2012

DONKTOBER - A Denim Donkey?!

This post is part of Donktober 2012.  For more information please see here.

Today's Donktober hostess is the amazing Lucy of Charm About You.  From her own donkey embroidery design to an up-cycling tutorial to a book review - Lucy has a bit of everything.  Oh, and, did I forget to mention a GIVEAWAY.  Get over there.  Quick sticks.

Disclaimer - sorry I don't yet have an example of her gorgeous embroidery design to show off but I seem to have misplaced my hoops in the move.  Doh!  Planning to do a big hunt today so will hopefully be able to remedy that soon.  Sorry Lucy!

Speaking of giveaways though, don't forget that Kelle of Ann Kelle Designs has a half yard of each colourway of her Donkies fabric up for grabs.  Enter here

And, before I leave you to begin searching for my embroidery gear, I've just received an update from Deirdre the Donkey.  She has arrived safely in the US and is currently out having a lovely meal...

Deirdre the Donkey out for dinner in the US, 12 Oct 2012
Photo courtesy of Laura of Quokka Quilts

...and making new friends, including Danny from Mommy for Reals.

Deirdre the Donkey meets Danny of Mommy for Reals, 12 Oct 2012
Photo courtesy of Laura of Quokka Quilts

Great to hear from you Deirdre.  Look forward to seeing more of your adventures at Sewing Summit soon!


Next up on the Donktober schedule is moi - with an extremely ridonkulous (but oh-so-cute) softie tutorial.  Look out for that, this Monday!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

TTT - the Solids Only Edition

Though we're smack bang in the middle of Donktober, I have a confession to make - donkeys are not the only thing I have on my mind at the moment.  I know, I know, it really is quite shameful but that's the truth of it.

So what, you ask, could possibly drag my attention away from all those adorable asses?  Well...

FQ bundle of the new Kona colours

Yep, that, my dears, is a FQ bundle of the new Kona colours.  Oh swoon!

I'm yet to cut into any of it as I'm still waiting for inspiration to strike.  With a few friends about to become parents I'm picturing a few solids-only quilts for each bub.  Ideally I'd like each to be different designs and colours, including some that must be gender-neutral.

So, this is where you come in.  Have you made the perfect solids quilt?  Seen one floating around?  Or picturing one in your mind?  Then please, please, please enlighten me and leave a link or idea in the comments.  I will be eternally grateful!

Thanks in advance.


PS - don't forget the special Donktober giveaway over at Ann Kelle Designs!  You won't want to miss it.  :)

Thursday Think Tank

This post will hopefully be linked to Thursday Think Tank at Becca's house.  Pop by for a cuppa and a bikkie.