Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Handmade Love by Little Sew and Sews

With Christmas looming and my list for handmade presents not getting any shorter (argh!) the birth of a good friend's baby boy last week sent me into a little bit of a spin.  Yes, of course, I was super, super, SUPER excited for him and his partner but... I did not want to be my usual bad friend self and give them their congratulations gift in a year or two (that is not an exaggeration... I am notorious for my lengthy delays with gifts).  So, to avoid the inevitable, I decided to accept help and purchase a handmade present.

Boy, am I glad I did because it gave me the opportunity to "meet" the wonderful Belinda of Little Sew and Sews, also based in Perth, Western Australia.  Not only does Belinda make some gorgeous softies at extremely reasonable prices for bubs, little kiddies and, dare I say it, big kids... but she was an absolute delight to deal with.

As the new dad is a carpenter by trade I couldn't go past these adorable softie tool sets, which include a hammer (with rattle!), screwdriver and wrench.  At 25 - 28cm long they are perfect for little hands and will hopefully provide many hours of entertainment while Mr T helps his dad around the house.  ;)

To save me a few dollars by avoiding doubling up on the postage (Little Sew and Sews to me to Mr T) Belinda kindly offered to wrap the gift herself and post it straight through to Victoria.  Wow!  And then, to give me peace of mind, she sent through a picture of the paper and card she picked out.  How perfect!  I think at this point that I fell a little bit in love with Ms Belinda.

So if, like me, you value quality handmade goodies, as well as fabulous customer service, then you can't really go past Little Sew and Sews.  Check out the online store for a range of pre-made items, or email Belinda for a custom order.  I know she will do her best to accommodate your request.  AND... don't forget to "like" the Little Sew and Sews Facebook page to keep up-dated on all new arrivals and clearance specials.

DISCLAIMER - Though I have received permission to re-use these photos, I am not an associate, friend, family member or similar of Belinda of Little Sew and Sews and have not been asked, nor compensated, for this advertisement post.



  1. Those are soooo cute! :o) I will have to check out her page.

  2. Too cute! My husband is a carpenter, too but he is more into the heavy duty toys ;-) Great gift idea though!

  3. totally adorable! What a thoughtful gift :)