Friday, June 22, 2012

TGIFF - Patchwork, Pillows & Pinterest

I'm sure some of you will be surprised at hearing from me - not only because it means posts on consecutive days but also because I have a finish to share.  No, wait, TWO finishes.  Wow, even I'm shocked.  Especially as it's all happened just in time to join this week's Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday linky party.  Yay me!

When I made my comeback last month, after a wee hiatus, I gave myself a personal goal to actually make some of the items that I've been drooling over on Pinterest.  A Monkey See, Monkey Do Challenge, if you will.

After much umming and ahhing I settled on this patchwork pillow (or cushion) design, by Crazy Mom Quilts.  I love the bright colours, use of scraps and personalised nature - prefect for a brother & sister team that I'd been meaning to make gifts for.

Personalised Patchwork Pillow - Harvey - front

First pillow was for 3 year old Harvey, a real little man.  It has been quilted with straight lines, 1/4" either side of each seam.

Personalised Patchwork Pillow - Poppy - front

Second up is a decidely girlier version, for little Poppy.  To mix things up I changed the position of her name, and finished it with diagonal quilting.  I will admit that I didn't rule these lines, choosing instead to do it all by eye, so it is rather "rustic" or "organic".  I can live with that.  :)

Personalised Patchwork Pillows - Poppy & Harvey - back

The backs and binding for both covers were kept plain, with a zipper for easy removal and cleaning.  And, I even remembered to sew on my label - another minor miracle!

Personalised Patchwork Pillows - Poppy & Harvey - front

The final covers each measure 18.5" square (I started with 3.5" x 3.5" pieces).  For these photos I've used 16" inserts, so they have a softer, squisher look, but 18" inserts would also fit, if you like a plumper pillow. 

Now they're off to Melbourne town.  I really hope little Harvey and Poppy love them for years to come.  :)

There you go, I think it's official.  I'm baaaaack.  Take that, Katy. Ye of little faith.  ;)

Pretty Bobbins

This week's TGIFF linky party is over at Pretty Bobbins.  Pop over to say hello and see everyone's fabulous finishes.


  1. Gorgeous Cushions Erin! I love using scraps, might have to add these to my pinterest wish list LOL I'm actually in the process of doing over my children's bedroom, the feature being quilts, cushions and pillowcases made by me. I think the boys would love these! Thinks for popping over and linking up :)

  2. Woohoo! You got them done! Fab cushions! They are really lovely and I think perfect for kids to keep for years to come :)

  3. You make the best cushions, Erin!!!!! They're both gorgeous!!!

  4. your free time you should whip me up one of those pillows. AWESOME! xoxo B

  5. Love the pillows, Erin! Especially the embroidered names. Where did you get your name tags? They are awesome!

  6. The cushions look great! I love the colours and the quilting =D

  7. Yeah, yeah, lets see you last a month ;o)

  8. Adorable!! What child doesn't like their very own things?!!