Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP - Just Keep Swimming...

Unfortunately things are a bit shit around here at the moment.  Sorry if that sounds a tad dramatic but I can't even be bothered to be eloquent right now - so 'shit' it is.  Or 'crap'.  Or, hey, I'll even accept 'sucky'.  ;)

So... I've decided to follow Dory's advice and have been keeping moving by jumping around from project to project to project.

As quilting stresses me out and requires way too much thinking I've instead starting another quilt top.  I know, I know, it's pathetic but in my defence I need to make a few for some up-coming births so it won't go to waste or just languish (with all the others) for years on end.  I promise.  A-huh.

QUILT TOP - grey strips, in progress

It's a very simple strip design, with various Kona greys, black and some bright orange squares thrown in randomly for a pop of colour.  It currently measures 65" long.  We shall see how wide she gets.  ;)

I have to admit, I'm loving the simplicity - and the lack of thought needed to get this made.  Perfect!  I may not be making it the most efficient way but I like that I can just cut and sew, cut and sew without thinking too far ahead.  It's totally working for me right now.

Thursday Think Tank Holiday Hop

My next project has been all about FUN as tomorrow I am playing host to the lovely Becca's Thursday Think Tank Holiday Hop.

Goodies for TTT Holiday Hop

Today I've had a ball mucking around with some card, glitter, glue etc etc and making a general mess.  To find out more, and join in the fun, be sure to pop back and check out my two (!!!) easy-peasy, kid-friendly tutorials.

Now, away from the sewing machine / crafty table, I've also been planning our wedding.

WHAAAAT?!  Well, honestly, we have been engaged since July but had no real plans for a ceremony, until about a week ago when I jumped in head-first and started making arrangements.  For, like, less than 6 months time.  I can be a little crazy and spontaneous like that.  Anyhoo... more on that another time.  I know, I'm such a tease.  ;)

Lastly, with Christmas around the corner, it's time to really start thinking about all the events and social occassions that surround the day.  After pinning these gorgeous brownies some time ago, I knew I wanted to take them to Christmas lunch... so figured I'd better have a trial run first.

Santa Hat Brownies, take 1

Ta da!

Unfortunately they didn't turn out exactly as planned, with the icing a little runny and not bright white (how do they do that??!) but they still tasted pretty yummy.  I ended up sending them to Mr C's work so I wouldn't scoff them all myself (yep, I've been eating for Australia lately and am starting to get more wide than I am tall!).

It did make me laugh, though, how all these amazing ideas pop up on Pinterest and make us believe we can do the same - only to have not-so-fabulous results.  Come on, fess up, I know you've been there to!

Even so, I'm happy to report that my attempt wasn't nearly as bad as some of the spectacular misses in this post - 17 Pinterest Fails.  Trust me, if you need a good laugh then check out that link!  I'm still giggling over the family portrait.  :)


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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  1. Love your quilt top, as per the icing... was that butter cream frosting? to get it white just whip the butter before adding the sugar until it is white(5min at least or more). Hope it helps, the Santa hats look adorable and yummy anyway!

  2. Ok that grey and orange quilt top is totally working for me too Erin! It is very eye catching and I am a huge fan of grey and orange. Yours is not the first blog I have read this week where someone was chanting that exact same Dory mantra. Uncanny!

  3. I am loving your quilt top! It looks just gorgeous. I think some sewing therapy is much needed at the moment so indulge and enjoy.

    Meanwhile - hello wedding planning! How fun and exciting is that!

  4. Fun colors! and the strawberries. Congrats on the wedding.

  5. That quilt is looking beautiful so far! The orange looks so good with all the neutrals!

  6. Easy sewing is great for de-stressing. The colours look great together!!!

  7. did you make the frosting? did you use butter in it? instread use crisco, that turns it crisp white- i know it's yucky, but it works

  8. I love the fresh modern look of the new quilt.

  9. Sewing as therapy is way cheeper than seeing a therapist. lol. Or so my brother the psychologist tells me. The icing on your brownies might be a little of colour if you used regular vanilla. You need the clear vanilla to keep it white. It is available where you find cake decorating supplies. Have a wonderful day.

  10. I love your grey and orange strip! Maybe the original Santa hat photo was enhanced? I know that if you use organic icing sugar the icing doesn't turn out as white...still think they look cute though!

  11. Cheer Up! On to another day . . .

  12. Great color in your quilt!!! Things can only get better....

  13. Loving your quilt therapy. The pinterest link was good too, the bawling baby in the pumpkin certainly made me laugh!

  14. Och, sure, the brownies are going to look more messed up where they're going ;o) Loving the randomly improvvy quilt, you've inspired me to try something...

  15. Good mantra to have my love!
    The baby quilt is looking awesome, very chic indeed :)
    looking forward to seeing what you're sharing tomorrow and can't wait to hear more about the wedding plans!
    Congratulations again, it's so exciting!

  16. Brownies are there for the eating, don't worry too much about the pretty (although I think they look pretty delish).
    And you're quilt top is stunning. Some days you just need to be able to sew with pleasure and not have to think about which bits go where and how the blimmin' pattern works and whether the big print goes with the little print and ... blah!
    Enjoy the joy of sewing.

  17. Fun to have you stop by Freshly Pieced and fun to see all your projects here at your blog. Wedding! How fun for you--hope you don't have to plan it until after the holidays and we get all our sewing projects done.

    Loving the quilt start, and those strawberry topped brownies look amazing!

    Elizabeth E.

  18. That quilt top is simply fabulous! I love the simplicity of it. Thanks for the pinterest fail link, lol. I'm so excited to hear more about these wedding plans! Enjoy the planning process.

    Keep on swimming, Erin. <3