Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP - Blocks, Blocks and More Blocks

I don't know what it is about the new year but at the moment I seem to be in a serious clean-out mode when it comes to all my unfinished projects or bee commitments.  So... this week, in particular, I have been concentrating on various bee blocks.

First up is some AMH feather blocks for Lara in the Quilt Club Australia bee.  Admittedly these were due last month but I got a little behind as these drove me completely bonkers and ended up sitting on my table half-done for weeks.  I am definitely not feeling the love.

QUILT BLOCK - Feather for Lara in QCA Bee, Dec 2012

Lara asked for feathers in pink, orange and yellow, with a black centre and a grey background.  These blocks are large (18" x 9") but, for some strange reason, my first attempt came up a little short.  ARGH!

QUILT BLOCK - Feathers for Lara in QCA Bee, Dec 2012

So I tried again and managed to come away with two half-decent blocks.  I've made two as I stupidly offered to make Laura's for her... and I'll send off the original smaller one as well with the hope that it can be used on the back or some such.  Even though they are pretty, I can't say I'll be sorry to see the back of these.

With the end of 2012 I've now retired from the QCA Bee and have instead turned my attention to the do.good.stitches Care circle.  I am stupidly excited to be a part of this fantastic cause.

For January the new hostess with the mostess, Kristy, requested Charm Stars (using this tutorial) in blues and aquas.  I was happily surprised to discover that I do have a few blues in my stash, so was able to create two blocks with completely different fabrics.

QUILT BLOCK - Charming Stars for do.good.stitches Care Circle, Jan 2013

These stars came together quickly and easily and, after seeing all the pictures popping up in the flickr group, I can not wait to see the assembled quilt.  Great block choice, Kristy!

Surprisingly, February's block has already been announced so I jumped right in and got them done, while I was in the mood.  Eva-Marie asked for improvisational aeroplane blocks (using this tutorial) in blues and greens, with touches of red, orange and/or yellow to spice things up.

QUILT BLOCK - Airplanes for do.good.stitches Care Circle, Feb 2013

These were fun to put together and allowed a little creativity as far as shapes, sizes, placements etc.  Each block is the same at 11.5" x 11.5" - but I like how different they look.  The small, stripey version is definitely my favourite.  I think this quilt will be very interesting and I am intrigued at how Eva-Marie is going to pull it all together.  Will definitely keep an eye on this project.

QUILT TOP - Birds in the Air, Jan 2013

Lastly, I recently re-discovered these orphan Birds in the Air blocks from when I was a part of the Quilt Block Swap Australia group and thought they'd be perfect sewn together and made into a little charity quilt.  Timing for this couldn't have been more apt as Jess has recently put a call-out for donations to those affected by the terrible bushfires in Tasmania, Australia so I plan to get this quilted asap and sent across country.

For more information on how you can help this cause, then please, please, please read this post.

I'm off now to start quilting.  No idea what I'm going to do but something should come to mind.  Ahh!  ;)

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  1. Oh well done you getting all caught up!

    I love the stripey plane too - that looks so cute!

    I can't wait to put all the charming star blocks together - I think they're going to make a great quilt! Your blocks look fab!

  2. While you may not have enjoyed making those feather blocks, the ones you made are striking and beautiful!

    I really need to figure out if there is something I can make for the Tasmania donations. It's been heartbreaking reading about it. :(

  3. Wow, that's a lot of bee blocks! I love your feather blocks, they are very striking, but completely know that feeling of losing the love for a project. Hopefully you'll look back on them in the future and see how cool they are!
    Your stripey plane is too cute, love it!

  4. Your feather blocks look great, even if they were a pain to make! Lots and lots of lovely blocks here!

  5. What a fab collection of blocks! I especially love the feathers and stars :)

  6. Geez you've been busy! Awesome blocks, I have lots of those feathers I need to make for bees (I am ridiculously behind on bees...)

  7. You busy bee you! I love the feathers (and cringing that people know hate me because I've asked 2 bees to make them for me!!) and those aeroplanes are just so cute! that's some serious mojo you have there :) xx

  8. I love them! I'm actually still curious how I will make them all in one quilt too! But with such lovely blocks what could go wrong...

  9. I love your blocks! The Airplanes and stars are my favorite though.

  10. Love them all. I have to say the little planes are adorable.

  11. Your little plane blocks are adorable!

  12. You are on a roll! All of your blocks are awesome!! The star blocks look great but I think the striped plane is my fave.

  13. I love the feather blocks! I've had those on my to-quilt list for a while now. You airplanes are also super cute :)

  14. Wow, seriously productive there! Well done for persevering there, think that quokka bird owes you a drink ;o)

  15. Great blocks. I see you have been working very hard!! Congrats!

  16. Love the airplane blocks they are so cute!

  17. Damn girl you are Busy! I am so proud of you, and a tad ashamed of my laziness. Come rub some "get your crap done" over onto me. Of know I love those PIA feather blocks. ;)