Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I've had a few lucky months of late, and have managed to score a few fabulous goodies.

First up, Nettie of A Quilt is Nice, ran a competition to win the new Craftsy class...

... and I won!  Whoop.  I've watched the first few lessons but am yet to make a start.  After seeing a few bags pop up around the place (including this one and this one by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts) I'm excited to have the opportunity to make one.

Thanks Nettie!

Next up I won this Kea pattern by the very talented Juliet of Tartankiwi.

Kea paper pieced pattern by Tartankiwi

Included with my prize was the opportunity to choose another of Juliet's patttern, from her Craftsy store, and I couldn't go past her fabulous Linked Squares.

Linked Squares paper pieced pattern by Tartankiwi

Thanks Juliet.  I can't wait to get my paper piece on!

Lastly, by definitely not least, today I received my a surprise package from the Triple Zip Pouch Swap.  When I ripped open the envelope I immediately gasped in delight - it was the exact pouch (made by Michelle of Squeek Crafts) that I had been eyeing off in the Flickr pool.  YAY!!

RECEIVED - Triple Zip Pouch & goodies from Squeek Crafts

Isn't it absolutely perfect?!  I am beyond stoked.  And the extra goodies are awesome.  Thank you so, so, so much Michelle!

So there you have it - I have been very spoilt.  Lucky me!  :)

What about you?  Any wins of late?  Feel free to brag.



  1. Agh! That was the pouch I coveted!! But, I am so glad at least someone I <3 has it. ;) The bag class looks awesome, tell me how that goes...

  2. Hmm, well I can't quite beat that, but I did win a quilt show, does that count, even if it was the public that voted?!

  3. Ooh, lucky you! I've been tempted to try that bag, too. So you better get started on yours and tell us all about it!

  4. You have done well Erin that triple zip is gorgeous!

  5. Lovely wins - the triple zip pouch is fantastic. I recently won a couple of Posy FQ's - they arrived yesterday and are so pretty!