Monday, October 28, 2013

Toffee Shards

I have to admit, I am in shock... BUT... Toffee Shards is finished!  Can I get a 'whoop'?!

Toffee Shards quilt

Making this baby quilt (measuring 38.5" x 38.5") has been an eventful journey.  My original concept was shattered toffee, in honour of Le Challenge, back in June/July.  It was pictures like below that inspired me.

To (sort of) achieve this look, I went with a simple HST design, in a variety of yellow and brown solids... but, even though I had the top finished in plenty or time - I forgot to link up.  Doh!

After that... I totally fell out of love.  They aren't "my" colours.  I wasn't feeling it.  It just wasn't happening.  I tried a number of times to start quilting... but each attempt ended in complete frustration and time with the unpicker.  Ugh.  So... Toffee Shards languished.

Toffee Shards

Thanks, though, must go to my hubby and the lovely Kristy who continually encouraged me to get this done AND for Making Christmas (yes, I'm ticking this off of my list!) for pushing me that extra little bit I needed.  It worked and I was happily able to gift it yesterday morning, to a gorgeous 5 month old boy.

To continue with the shattered toffee theme I ended up settling on simple, crazy lines (yes, my go-to quilting at the moment) which helped turn this unloved piece into something nearing completion and starting to warm my heart again.

Quilting on Toffee Shards

Then I just finished it off with more of the orange-y solid, which really makes those colours pop.

Binding Toffee Shards.  :)

As the Mum not only loves neutrals but also green, I chose this adorable dinosaur themed fabric for the back.  It is perfectly boy-ish!  Funnily enough, I have since found out that it is actually Buddy, a character from TV's Dinosaur Train.  Hmm... who knew??

Toffee Shards - back

Sorry about the shadows but this was the quickest photoshoot ever - on the way to gift this quilt.  Nothing like doing things last minute!

Anyhoo... YAY!  It's done.  I am happy, happy, happy.  :)

Toffee Shards quilt

Thanks again to those who helped me stop procrastinating... and to Lucy & Nat of Le Challenge for being the inspiration behind the whole idea.

Le Challenge

Speaking of Le Challenge... I'm jumping back into the fun this month with the theme STRIPES.  With such an easy subject that can go in soooo many directions (*groan*) there is absolutely no excuse for you not to join in and create something awesome.  There is a $25 Fat Quarter Shop voucher up for grabs so check it out!


Linking up with TGIFF, hosted last Friday by Jen of Quilter in the ClosetYou only have a few more days to get in your finished entry for OctoberQuest so quick sticks.  :)


  1. So glad you finished this one! It turned out beautifully! Perfect quilting for it too! Love those bush photos!

  2. Well done on sticking with this quilt Erin, it has turned out really well. I am sure that it will get lots of snuggles in the years to come.

  3. I really like this top! It's so exactly toffee!! And the quilting is perfect for the theme :-)
    Congrats on a finish!
    E xx

  4. well done for getting it finished, it's quite lovely

  5. Sophisticated in the front, party in the back :oD

  6. Here's a woop!! Nice work, its lovely