Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's a...

Le Challenge

Yes, I've done it again.  I had the best of intentions to link up a project to last month's Le Challenge but, alas, I just didn't get it finished in time.   Typical!  But, seeing as I've had this project in my head ever since I first heard the theme of STRIPES I figure I'll still credit the amazing Lucy and Nat with the inspiration. :)

So, where exactly did I take my stripey-ness?  Well... I went straight (pardon the pun) to the drool-worthy Haphazard Chevron Pillow, from Quilting Happiness by Diane Gilleland and Christina Lane.

I am seriously considering picking up a copy of this book (the reviews are awesome!) but, lucky for me, I didn't have to wait to do this project as it is kindly being offered for free right here.  Thank you CrafterNews!

Regular readers will know that I'm keen to make a few cushions/pillows for bub's room and I thought this would definitely fit the bill.  Problem is - what colour scheme to use???  Pink or blue???  Well, truth be told, we actually now know...

Haphazard Chevron Quilted Cushion

Yep, it's a GIRL!!!

So, I went with  dark and light pink solids with a touch of white for some added punch (thanks Kristy for that oh-so-perfect suggestion).

The pattern was super easy to follow and I even managed to slightly adjust it so that my finished cushion came out at 14", rather than 12".

For the quilting (which isn't part of the pattern but I couldn't resist) I again used the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and give a new-to-me style a shot.  In this case it was concentric circles, as per this tutorial.

Haphazard Chevron Quilted Cushion

Ok, so she's not perfect but I'm happy enough.  Embrace the wonk, I say.  The hardest parts were the smaller centre circles but they aren't totally impossible.  I can definitely see myself giving this style another go at some point in the future.  I do quite like the effect and would love to see it off-centre as well.

The back is just my usual style zip enclosure, using some of the leftover pinks from the top.  It really is nothing special (ok, I forgot to get a pic and it's dark now) - just imagine light pink on top and dark pink on the bottom, with a lovely label slapped on there somewhere.  ;)

Obviously, the binding is just the dark pink.  I must say, I do like binding on cushions.  It really finished them off.

And, just for one more little picture, here she is chilling out with her partner in crime, the Cutie Scootie Patootie cushion.

Haphazard Chevron Quilted Cushion

What a pair!  ;)

So, there is my stripe-inspired project for last month's Le Challenge.  Pop over here to see where others went.  There are some great ideas!  Also, this month's theme (and the last for the year) has now been announced - PRECIOUS - so I must, must, must try a little harder to get something done on time.  A few ideas are already brewing.  What about you?  Planning to play along?

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  1. Erin it's lovely! And it looks great with your scooter cushion :-). You're going to have the cutest nursery ever.
    E xx

  2. Your pair of pillows are gorgeous! Love the quilting and agree. It would be fun to see it off centered! I have not done the spiral quilting yet, but yours looks great!

  3. Gorgeous cushions, fab designs, congrats on your girl :D

  4. I really love the new pillow. The design and colour choice is so striking and the circle quilting works wonderfully in contrast. Have you tried spiral quiltinging at all? The results are very similar but I find it to be much easier myself.

  5. Fab cushion Erin, this baby is going to have the most stylish nursery around :)

  6. It turned out beautifully!! Love love love!

  7. Yay for little girls! And your cushion is a wonderful way to start off your nursery :)

  8. Love all your pillows and the quilting on the red, pink and white! It looks so pretty paired with the scooter pillow! Congrats on "It's a Girl"!

  9. So exciting! Congrats! The pillow is perfect. I wish I had it in my house :)

  10. Pink, pink and more pink... baby girl's nursery is going to be awesome!!! I love your new cushion.. looks perfect from where I'm sitting.

    1. I don't need to be reminded... I've finished my softie for Mirabels. I felt you watching over my shoulder.

  11. I can't see any wonk - it's perfect!

  12. Congrats on the baby girl! Girls are so much fun to have! I'm having a boy!

  13. Fabulous cushion! I went over to check out the pattern and then thought 'Oh, I recognise the cover of that book' since it arrived, entirely unexpectedly, a few weeks ago. Obviously I haven't actually read it yet *ahem*