Sunday, June 30, 2013

Are You Following Me?

Yes, the day is finally here - the last dying minutes of Google Reader are upon us.   It has been coming for awhile but it seemed that so many of us were in denial.  Once it's gone, though, that's it so please don't leave it another second longer... or you really may kick yourself tomorrow.

To make things easier for you, I've spent some time this week playing with my wee blog and have included buttons in my sidebar for you to follow me via bloglovin or feedly.


These seem to be the main two platforms that people are switching to but, as it is personal preference, I will leave the choice up to you.

Here are my bloglovin and feedly links again, just incase. ;)

Follow on Bloglovin

follow us in feedly

And, while we're at it, please feel free to click the other pretty buttons for my Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook and, oh yes, you'd better believe it - Instagram - accounts.  They all open new tabs so you can go crrrrazy and click them all!  ;)

BUTTON - Flickr

BUTTON - Pinterest

BUTTON - Facebook

BUTTON - Instagram

So, yep, I finally took the plunge and signed up to IG (as missymaccreations) and, boy, am I glad I did.  It is fun!

I'm still a complete newbie but am enjoying playing along.  I would love to have you join me!

Sometimes I may even include little sneak peaks of secret projects...

Quilting away.  #lechallenge

... like my next Le Challenge entry.  ;)

If you'd like me to stalk follow you, too, then be sure to let me know your IG ID in the comments.  :)



  1. I was in denial until a couple of days ago, too, but rest assured, your post just popped up in my email program, so it's all sorted. I keep hearing about the +ves of Instagram, but I've finally relented and joined Google+, so I can't cope with another thing to occupy my time... LOL!!! One day I will... probably when everyone else is talking about the next latest thing. Oh, how I love blogging and sewing in this day and age... always something new to learn.

    1. I've been collecting softies patterns, so I can't use the lack of a pattern as an excuse when you remind me about Softies for Mirabel.

  2. GFC still works BTW, if you use your Blogger dashboard ;o)