Saturday, June 29, 2013

TGIFF - Owl Plus quilt

Without unnecessary fanfare, may I please introduce the finished Owl Plus quilt.


I first started this quilt back in March, with the plan to finish it before (a) our honeymoon and (b) Miss L was born.  Um... yeah... that didn't exactly happen but I am please to say that it is now on it's way to the East, only a mere 5 weeks late (ahem).

As previously acknowledged, I've been wanting to make a plus quilt for ages so was thrilled to finally have a go at it.  To make things even easier I used this fabulous tutorial, though I did add a little more to the width and length.


Of course, working with these adorable owls made the whole project even more enjoyable.  I must admit - I love Ann Kelle!


After a few false starts, I ended up settling on a crosshatch design for the quilting.  Simple and quick!

I spent some time reading this post by Leah Day and playing with the tension so that I could use white on top, but a dark pink thread in the bobbin.


Yes, Leah does advise against using different threads and though I did end up with small white dots... I am still really happy with it.  Trust me, it is much, much, much better than my first attempts with just the dark pink!


For the back I used a dark pink spot (that also appears on the front) and then added in my usual strip to give it some much needed added width.  Of course, it also had the added benefit of using up some of my scraps.

Owl Plus Quilt - binding and label

I had originally planned to bind it in a solid pink but realised I had used it all for this quilt so went with these spots instead.  I was a bit nervous at first but am happy with the result.

And, yes, that is a label, Becca.  ;)

All up, I am thrilled with how it turned out.  I have been loving working with more solids this year but have definitely enjoyed playing with some prints again.  Sure, the final result is busy but, for me, it works and is super bright and cheerful.  Hopefully Miss L loves it too - for many years to come.

That's not to say that I won't be making another plus quilt in the future, though - just in solids.  ;)

Quilt stats:
Name: Owl Plus (original, I know)
Size: 43" x 57"
Prints/fabric lines include:
Urban Zoologie Pink Staggered Owls by Ann Kelle
Remix Garden Daisy Dance by Ann Kelle
Notting Hill Tangerine Tulips by Joel Dewberry
Nordic Holiday Orange Swirly Gig by Michael Miller
Winterkist Pink Rain Bubbles by Happy Zombie
Spot On White on Pink Pindots by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Spot On Orange Tonal  Pindots by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Good Morning Orange Juice Honeycomb by Me and My Sister Designs
Ticklish Yelping Yellow Fancy Fun by Me and My Sister Designs
Ticklish Yelping Yellow Laughing Stripes by Me and My Sister Designs
Ticklish Yelping Yellow Tickle Dots by Me and My Sister Designs 
Sketch Yellow Screen Texture by Timeless Treasures Fabrics
Sketch Candy Screen Texture by Timeless Treasures Fabrics


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  1. It's lovely Erin, it will be much snuggled I am sure.

  2. This is definitely worth a fanfare and definitely worth waiting five weeks for - it's gorgeous! Congrats on such a beautiful finish :)

  3. Haha! A label! Screw that I LOVE the quilt! I've never wanted to do a plus quilt but this makes me reconsider!!! Hmmm...and I don't think it is too busy at all! xo Becca

  4. I love it, Erin! It's so bright and cheerful. Those owls are adorable. Lucky Miss L!

  5. Toot toot and clapping!! I'm making a fanfare! It is gorgeous!! Those owls are super cute too XX

  6. I'm with Lucy - this totally deserves fanfare! It's a fabulous quilt - gorgeous colours and perfect quilting. Oh and I think as long as the quilt makes it to the baby before they turn 1, it's not late. :)

  7. I love the colours in your quilt - they are bright and sunny :) This quilt definitely deserves some fanfare!

  8. Absolutely beautiful quilt! I love the bright and happy color combo and the owl fabric is so cute.The polka dot binding is so fun! I don't think it looks too busy at did a great job at arranging the color values.

  9. Your Plus quilt is so much fun- love the pink and yellow colour combo and the cross hatch quilting!

  10. Well done, and glad to see the child won't freeze through the rest of the winter ;o)