Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FAL - Q1 Goals

Finish Along 2014

I may have been shockingly unproductive last time I joined the Finish Along but new year, new start.  Right?  This year the amazingly talented Katy will be hosting the linky parties and, as I know she'll make all sorts of snide comments if I don't finish something, I figure that this will be just the motivation I need to get moving.   Hehehe. ;)

So, here's my list -

1. A Star is Born quilt 

I do so enjoy adding a gimme to my list, if only to prove to myself that I'm not a complete failure.  This baby quilt is currently sitting next to me waiting to have the binding hand sewn - a job I plan to start later today.  ;)

2. Pixelated Heart quilted wall hanging 

This littlie was inspired by December's Le Challenge theme - Precious.  I plan to make it into a wall hanging for bub's room.

3. Baby's Square in Square quilt

Speaking of bub, I also need to get this quilt finished before she arrives.  Borders, basting, quilting and binding.  Um, yeah, I can do that.  Like totally.  ;)

4. Donkey quilt

Yes, this one is truly embarassing - but I have to include it. One day, one day.

5. BABY!

Lastly, my greatest WIP to date - our baby girl.  She's due on 30th March so should be here before the linky party closes on 6th April (well, she'd better be!).  Whether I get to blog then or not is another story though.  ;)

Well, those are my most pressing WIPs... though I also have a looooong list of projects that I'd like to start and finish within the next few months.  You know, things like: fabric baskets, another baby quilt, thank you gifts, something for me.  Oh, and the sewing room and nursery need to get done too.  Ha!  How's that for optimism!? 

What are you hoping to have finished this quarter?



  1. All of those quilts are beautiful! Feel free to join in my 'Kick the bucket' challenge for the older ones!

  2. Ha ha! Well you've got some big things on there (baby being one). I can't believe that in just a couple of months you'll have a little bubby. And she'll have so many pretty things!
    E xx

  3. Erin, that square in a square quilt for your little bubba is gorgeous. Love the colours you've picked for her nursery accents! I'm personally very excited to see how you go with #5 WIP. It's a special one! Much love, Keera x

  4. Make the most of your sewing time now. After the Princess arrives you will wonder where all that time goes :-)

  5. I can't believe you haven't finished that fabulous donkey quilt yet - best get cracking before baby arrives and demands to know where it is ;o)

  6. Snide comments? Moi? I have no idea *what* you mean... ;o)

    Good luck with the list, especially #5, I suspect that will be the most demanding...

  7. most pressing WIPS - I like that! There is always so much more to make!!

  8. A wonderful list!!! Hope you get all of it done ;)

  9. Good luck with those. They all look great but I especially LOVE the donkey :)

  10. Pretty quilts on your list. Good luck finishing before March 30!