Thursday, January 2, 2014

Making Christmas - The Finale


Hellooooo.  I hope you all survived the crazy Christmas and New Years period.  Hubby and I had a lovely break in Adelaide, South Australia, with his family but we're now back home and looking forward to a HUGE year ahead, with hopefully lots of sewing, work around the house and, of course, special moments galore with baby girl.  Exciting!!

Before all that, though, I thought I'd better do a final check over my Making Christmas list - just to see how I did.  Admittedly not all was completed but I am rather happy with how I went.

Here's the final summation...

1. Robot Embroidery Library Bag


BOOK BAG - Duck, Duck, Robot

As the intended recipient of this book bag was born just 5 days after another bub in the same group of friends, I also thought that I'd better make a second bag for baby #1.

Girl's library bag with elephant applique
Blog post to come
UPDATE 14/1/14 - Blogged here

Success!  I admit, I am having a bit of a love affair with elephants at the moment so I just couldn't resist.

These bags have both been gifted for Christmas, with some gorgeous board books.

2. Personalised Cushions / Pillows


Yes, just the one, but considering that this listing was always a maybe-but-probably-won't-happen, I'm pretty happy with that.

3.  Kindle Cover


Unfortunately I don't have pictures of this finish (yet) as it was a last minute effort the night before my early Christmas celebrations with the family.  I know, I know, that sounds really dodgy but please believe me - I did get it done and the Kindle fits inside nicely and my Mum is happy.  True story!  :)

4.  Bear Paw Quilt


Paddington's Paws quilt

5.  Toffee Shards Quilt


Toffee Shards quilt

6.  Wonky Stars Quilt


Sad face.

7.  Softies for Mirabel

I am terrible, horrible, awful but my Softies for Mirabel project just didn't happen this year.  I know, disgusting.  Sorry kids!  I will have to make it up with extras next year.  :(

8.  Reorganisation of my Sewing Room

Yeah, this didn't happen BUT it will very soon.  We have plans for some new shelving and a new layout.  I am soooooooo excited, it's quite ridiculous.  Stay tuned.

Phew!  Not bad, if I do say so myself.  

Now I'd better catch up on my blog reading - you guys have been busy while I've been away!



I missed the last link up for Making Christmas - but that's ok.  Huge thanks to Janine and Rebecca for hosting this wonderful event.  I love that it kept me accountable and on track!  Thanks lovely ladies!


  1. Whew stalker status assured - 1st post! ;)

    I'm impressed by how much you achieved! Annndd can't wait to hear more about the sewing room fun!

  2. Oooh! Sewing room even coming, will wait on tenterhooks for it :-)
    I think you've had a great lot of Christmas makes. That pink elephant is the cutest!!
    Best wishes for 2014. I already know it's going to be the best, and most challenging year ever.
    E xx

  3. You've done great! I really love those book bags! Happy 2014 my dear, I know it'll be brilliant :)

  4. Not too bad ;). I'm still jealous you got one of the embroidery panels. Remind me when your little girl is set to make an appearance...

  5. Not bad missus ;o) Happy new year!

  6. Glad to hear that the Kindle cover for your mum was finally made!

    Love the elephant applique :)

  7. I love the elephant applique too! I say it every year - but I need to start making Christmas presents earlier!!