Tuesday, December 6, 2011

D is for ???

Today's blog post is proudly brought to you by the letter...

Unfortunately it is stormy here today so the first D word that pops to mind is 'dark' but, as it's given me an excuse to stay indoors and sew, I'm not really complaining.  So here are a few things that I've been working on in the last 24 hours... including two projects which are D... D... DONE!

D... D... DONKEY

Yes, it is true - I have a slight infatuation with donkeys.  In fact, it is probably safe to say that I love them.  I even sleep with one every night (no, I am not referring to Mr C).  Therefore it may not come as a surprise to know that I have been trying to recruit another person to the donkey fan club... my friend's 4yr old daughter, Miss A.  I think I'm pretty close - she does seem to be teetering on the edge so, I figure, it's time for a push.  A big one.

Meet Ruby.  Isn't she lovely?  I whipped her up using the Reuben the Donkey pattern by Ric Rac.  To add some pazazz (and, let's be honest, cover the head-body seam) I knitted a simple scarf in Miss A's favourite colour, pink.

Ruby will also be gifted with this gorgeous children's book by the talented Tohby Riddle.  If you are yet to come across his works I suggest you check them out asap - they are seriously adorable.  And, well, the main character is a donkey so how can you go wrong?  ;)

D... D... DOLLY

Remember this post talking about Softies for Mirabel, a softie drive for an Australian based charity?  Well, I finally finished my donation (yes, late) - a sweet doll made from a Dolls & Daydreams pattern.

Honestly, she should have been finished weeks ago as the pattern is very quick and easy but I ummed and ahhed about the facial features - tossing up between embroidery and paint.  In the end I decided to investigate the latter option (as I'm soooo over handsewing) and this is what caused the delay.  I googled, I read, I googled some more.   I still had no real clue so just went with something, anything, and I am loving the results. 

Granted, I could use a bit more practise, but the Tsukineko markers I ordered from OzQuilts are won-der-ful.  I'm soooo excited about using them for future projects.  Stay tuned!

D... D... DUCK

As Christmas is looming ever closer, I've made a start on yet another personalised pillow (yes, I know, the other two are yet to be finished) and this time it is, you guessed it, a duck.

Lara loves ducks as much as I love donkeys so her pillow couldn't really be anything else.  I adore the cute bubbles.  It makes me think of relaxing in a nice, warm bath.  Ahh... bliss.

Hope you are having a D... D... DELIGHTFUL week too.  ;)


P.S.  Don't forget about my Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey giveaway.  Check it out here.

Weigh In Wednesday


  1. Ruby, with her scarf, together with a book, make a FANTASTIC present!!! Dolly and Duck are great, too!

  2. Such a talent! Love, love, LOVE everything. But most of all love you!!!
    Did you see that someone thought your Mum may like to have a chance to win that gorgeous give away? What a thoughtful person :-)

  3. Love the donkey, it's fabulous! I'm off to have a look at the book!

  4. Dat's Derrific! Dovely Dings! :-)

  5. Oh this is all gorgeous!! The donkey is so cute, we went to a donkey sanctuary this summer - you would have loved it! We came away with two knitted donkeys of course :)
    The doll is fantastic, I'm sure it will be very loved and the duck is so fun! Love those bubbles!

  6. Fabulous "D" list of goodies. That donkey!! I'm going to check out the book as well.

  7. Very cute Dolly. The donkey is pretty cute too!

  8. Donkey+Dolly=Double Delish!! I am your newest follower It is nice to meet you and glad I found your cute blog! Kim

  9. I really love that donkey! The dolly is cute, too of course and I really like the bubbles underneath the ducky ;-)

  10. I love donkeys! And yours is so awesome! Totally genius about the scarf, too. Excellent work, young lady!

  11. What! we are both doing letter based posts?! Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you missed the U from my name in the duck piece...

  12. They are all so cute...I especially love the donkey and the dolly. I laughed so hard when you said that you slept with a donkey every night and that you did not refer to Mr. C. You are so funny, Erin! Thanks for the laugh :)