Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zip It

For some last minute Christmas gifts you can't really go past zippered pouches.  They are fun, handy, quick to make and don't require many materials.  So... as Mr C and I recently did an inventory of our presents and realised we were a bit short... it was time to get sewing.

These little beauties came together in no time - and I had everything I needed already on hand.  I didn't use a tutorial, per se, but have just read a few in the past, such as Noodlehead's, and then went with my gut.  Each pouch measures 7" x 8.5" so is a nice, handy size for a multitude of uses.

First up is this darling frog pouch using Tula Pink's Frog Prince in Indigo from the Prince Charming collection.  I have to admit that I adore this fabric.  Truth be told, before I became the #1 member of the donkey fan club... I was lover of all things frog related.  From frogs to donkeys... not much of a leap really.  ;)

I originally considered using more fabric from Prince Charming for the lining but in the end went for the Blue Sahara Stars from the Bazaar Style collection by Pat Bravo.  I like the simple, muted design which should minimise the chances of things getting "lost" inside the pouch.  Or does that only happen to me?

The second pouch was made using Peacock Feathers in Sea Grass from Amy Butler's gorgeous Soul Blossoms collection.  This is a lovely, bright fabric and, I think (hope!), perfect for the giftee.

 Again, I opted to keep the lining simple and chose this Kona Lupine.  Mmm purple.  ;)

I have to say that I am slowly but surely coming to terms with zips... and though I am yet to master them I think these pouches are a definite improvements to previous tries.  For some help and advice for this often traumatic job... I suggest heading over to read this great tutorial by Sew Sweetness.

Zips I may not have mastered just yet... BUT... I now crown myself the Queen of Boxed Corners.  Uh huh... yep.  I am absolutely loving this fool-proof method, as described in this pouch tutorial by Kim Sherrod Studio.

Two more presents crossed of the list.  Yay!  If you, too, are in need of something quick and easy then consider giving these zippered pouches a go.  If I can do it, you can too!



  1. Great job on the zippered pouches. Thanks for the link to the boxed corners. I've never done them that way before.

  2. They look great - off to investigate the corner link!

  3. Erin they are gorgeous!! I love the fabric choices! I'm sure they'll be appreciated :)

  4. Mmmm zippered pouches...love them. And, I especially am adoring this fabric. You go girl. Enjoy your Christmas!