Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIFF - From Placemats to PJs

Welcome! My name is Erin and I'm the post host of this week's Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday linky party.  Please do come on in and make yourself at home.

Those of you who read my (incredibly long and eclectic) WIP post on Wednesday may be wondering if I did, in fact, get the i-spy placemat finished.  Well, in a word...

WIP - personalised I spy quilted placemat, Fred

... no.

In more than one word (here comes the creative excuse) - I had run out of basting spray, my local craft store didn't have any in stock and my pins have already been boxed up in preparation for the big move.  Doh!

So, with the TGIFF deadline looming I needed a Plan B, and fast!  Embarassingly enough my WIP basket is over-flowing with a variety of projects so it didn't take long to find some pj pieces that had been cut but not sewn.  Admittedly it didn't take long because they were right on top, having only been cut a week or so ago on a barely-thought-out whim, but I was so desperate I went with them.

3T sleepover pajama pants in paisley

These are size 3T from the Sleepover Pajamas sewing pattern by Oliver + S.  I've tackled this project before so thankfully they came together rather quickly.  Unfortunately they are a tad rough in some areas due to my haste (and stress) but I'm pretty sure Miss L won't notice the glitches.

I didn't have the time or fabric to make a matching top so I decided to go with the cheat's option by buying a simple white tee from Target and adding some applique (and embroidered touches).

3T sleepover pajama pants in paisley and white appliqued bird tee

As Miss L (and her daddy) loves birds I couldn't resist.  The design itself is from this free embroidery pattern available at French Knots.  Gotta love when things are that easy!

bird applique close up

To secure the applique (after initially attaching it to the tee with Vliesofix) I decided to practise my FMQ by outlining the shape four times with white thread.  It's definitely not perfect with a few wonky areas but I quite like the effect.  And, it's kinda nice to see my skills are slowly but surely improving (there is a reason you never saw my first attempts!).

At this point in the program I really should have an adorable picture of the gorgeous Miss L modelling her new jarmies but, alas, there is no time to go a-visiting.  Sorry!  I will endeavour to steal a three year old off the street for the next set.  ;)

Lastly, before I shut up and hand the reins over to YOU, I'd like to extend a huge thanks to Kristy for agreeing to be my Plan C and host today if I didn't finish anything in time.  Ta muchly for taking some of the pressure off lovely!

Seriously, that's enough from me.  If you have a finish to share please link up below.  I kindly ask that in doing so you mention TGIFF in your post and also visit the other linkees to say 'hello'.  Together we can all share the love.  Thanks!  :)



  1. Cute PJs!! I'm sure she will love them!!

  2. Very practical and cute finish....good job!!

  3. I love the PJ's and the top with the birdie is cute. I always prefer to wear a t-shirt with my PJ bottoms, so I think you made the right choice! I adore Oliver+S patterns. Thanks for hosting!

  4. Oh I thought I commented here - must not have hit "send!" duh!

    Well done you for getting something done at short notice! The pjs looks so cute - love the litte birdie!

  5. Love the paisley print on the pjs, Erin!!! Nothing's better than a t-shirt to wear as a pj top.

  6. Those pjs are so sweet, Erin. Thanks for hosting TGIFF!

  7. These pajamas are so cute and the quilting on the bird has such a nice effect! My crafty store is always out of basting spray when I need it too!

  8. Neat pj's the little bird is a lovely touch, who would have guessed that it was a late decision?? Not me!!

  9. Such a cute set! Loving the cute little bird a great way to make them matchy =D

  10. Such cute jammies, but really, can't believe you didn't risk abduction charges just to get a jammie model ;o)

  11. Cute pj's!! And I see Donktober up there - can't wait! Thanks for hosting TGIFF week :)