Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIP - Where Do I Begin?

Sooo much is happening around here as we're in the midst of renovating our "new" house in preparation for the big move next month.  So far we've ripped out the old kitchen and put together the new cabinets in readiness for installation.

Unfortunately Mr C and I are now stuck on paint colours.  Like, seriously, how many choices can there possibly be??  It's insane.  And quite mind-boggling.  As we're going to have gorgeous Jarrah floorboards we're looking for a pretty neutral wall that will compliment the timber. Currently we have narrowed it down to these three...

Dulux Hog Bristle

Dulux Warm Neutral

Solver Vitesse

 And if we still can't agree after those I'm just going to paint the whole place in this...

Dulux Deep Exquisite

Ok, maybe not, but ARGH my head is about to explode.

So, what does one do when one is sick and tired of thinking about paint colour?  Well, think about fabric colour of course.  Crazy, I know, but when I heard about Becca's Low Volume Swap I had to sign up.

Low Volume Swap

The idea of a neutral quilt, ala Milk & Cookies by Red Pepper Quilts, is really appealing to me right now.  And the fabric choices popping up on the swap's flickr board are lovely.  How exciting!

I had lots of fun scrolling through online stores to find suitable low volume fabrics.  In the end I went with these lovelies from Hawthorne Threads.

Floral Elements in Winter Wheat

Sari in Grey

LOVE!  Particularly the Sari by Dear Stella.  I hope they work well with everyone's choices.  Fingers crossed.

Now I've piqued your interest, make sure you head on over to Becca's to find out more information and, of course, sign up!

Moving away from colour, now, I've also had a million and one ideas bouncing around in my head for Donktober.  Huh, what is Donktober, you ask?  Well, basically, it's a crazy thing I dreamed up to celebrate the wonder that is the ass - a month of donkey related projects from quilts to stitching to softies.


A-huh, I'm mad.  But it should a least be a bit of fun... errr... ridonkulousness!  Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Hmm, so what about actual craft?  Well, admittedly, with all of that going on not much hands-on sewing was happening.  I say "was" because yesterday I suddenly realised that I'd signed up to be this Friday's post host of Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday.  Umm...uh oh!

Thankfully I had a rather quick and easy project on my "Monkey See, Monkey Do" personal Pinterest challenge to-do list:

I-spy quilted placemat by Mon Petit Lyons

After spending time yesterday rummaging through my stash for suitable fabrics to fussy cut I've now come up with this:

WIP - personalised I spy quilted placemat, Fred

WIP - personalised I spy quilted placemat, Fred - close up
Yep, I spy a donkey!

I just have to finish the applique then quilt then bind.  You know the drill.  Wish me luck.  And be sure to pop back this Friday to see if I've finished it in time.  ;)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm linking up to this week's Work in Progress Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.  Pop over for a look see - after signing up for the Low Volume Swap, of course!


  1. Ooh good luck on choosing colours - I find it hard enough picking just the right fabric colour sometimes!

    Loving those placemats - such a good idea. And you still have a day to get it done - you can do it!!

  2. I love donkeys. I like to hug them and donkeys are not generally amused by that.

  3. Good luck choosing the paint color - I take forever every time I have to decide, too. Meanwhile, those place mats are seriously fabulous - too cute!

  4. How can you not choose "Hog Bristle" as your paint, based solely on that name?? Your placemat is looking fabulous and I can't wait to hear more about the ass-fest!

  5. I love choosing paint colours! You're giving me ideas!
    Great idea to pay homage to the donkey...maybe an ass-terik block! Ha! Haven't signed up for Becca's low volume swap, but I'm considering it!

  6. Good luck with the paint colours and renovations, Erin -- I'm sure you'll pick a great colour. All the neutrals you showed looked great to me so I don't think you can go wrong. Looking forward to ridonkculous and TGIFF!

  7. I totally agree with Toni - for the name alone!!
    Love the placemat - great name!!
    I also love your choices for the swap - I have used the Floral Elements one and the texture is a bit weird, the print is great for low volume though :)
    Have fun painting!!

  8. Ugh, I'm so glad only I have to choose paint in my place lol Still, whatever you choose at least the low volume quilt will match :oD

  9. Wow looks like you've been having a busy time. I like the solver paint colour. Loving the placemat the fabrics are so cute =D

  10. Um is it just me or do your paint chips totally look low volume or what? Holy crap! Gorgeous of course. I have to look up the floors you mentioned, I don't know what that is!!!