Friday, August 24, 2012

Who's a Lucky Girl then?!

Due to our current kitchen / house renovations not much crafting has been happening in Chez Missy Mac (or, apparently, blogging, for that matter) but today I was lucky enough to receive not one but TWO fabulous handmade presents from across the seas.

First up is this lovely mini quilt from Sandra in Canada (or Roccagal on Flickr) who made this especially for me as part of round 2 of the Name Game Swap.  I love the bright colours; the hand quilting and, of course, the rather awesome piecing for my name.

CLOSE UP - Name Game Swap R2 mini quilt - Erin, paper pieced

And there's a close up of said piecing.  LOVE!

Thank you Sandra.  I look forward to hanging this in my soon-to-be NEW sewing room.

Secondly I received a package from my gorgeous bloggy friend, Becca.  We have been email buds since we both first started blogging just over a year ago (I know, I missed my 1st anniversary... whoops!) and we've come to truly love, trust and respect one another.  So, when I went through a bit of a hard time recently she was one of those that I leant on for support, even across the miles.  And, as she couldn't be here in person, she sent the next best thing...

PILLOW - hug reverse applique by making rebecca lynne

How beautiful is that?  Not only the pillow, the fabric or the reverse applique (which are all completely perfect) but also the gesture itself.  It is truly special and, I have to admit, as soon as I opened the box, I sat on the couch, gave the pillow a big hug and had a little cry.  Pathetic, maybe.  Touched, definitely.

So, thank you, Becca, for this little piece of you.  Words can not express.



  1. I love that your blogging buddies have created you some special items sent with love.

  2. Aww beautiful!!! Well deserved!

  3. I am loving those letters with your name. I am so glad you love the pillow and it made its way home!

  4. Such wonderful gifts! You are very lucky =D

  5. Aww, fab happy mail all round :o)

  6. I don't know how I missed this post! Love your name swap! Seriously gorgeous and beautiful colours.

    As for the hug pillow - what an inspired, thoughtful gift! That's so lovely!

  7. So gorgeous! I love the fabrics in your name too. Rebecca is such a sweetie and I can't think of a nicer gift! beautiful cushion and I wish I could hug you both... one day! :) Xxx