Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Softies for Mirabel 2012

Yep, it's on again - Pip's fabulous Softies for Mirabel campaign.  Into it's SIXTH (!!!) year, Softies for Mirabel is a worldwide call-out for donations of handmade toys to be given as extra special Christmas gifts to Mirabel children.  As stated on the Mirabel Foundation website:

"Every year the toy drive is open to all crafty participants who wish to 
knit, crochet or sew a Softie or two.  Participants are encouraged to be 
as creative as they like as each Softie will be matched to the age, likes 
and needs of a Mirabel child."

For last year's drive I made and donated this little giant dolly for a special little girl...

Easy Girl Doll softie

I must admit, it was quite exciting to see that she had arrived at Mirabel HQ safe and sound AND was happily making new friends.

Softies group 12
Photo courtesy of The Mirabel Foundation on flickr

Can you spot her?  I think she might be a little shy.  ;)

Of course, now that the 2012 campaign has begun, I just had to jump back on board.  Infact, I have already started making two little softies, one for a boy and another for a girl.

Donkey softies, in progress

Any guesses what these little guys are destined to be?  I know, it's probably no real surprise - I am making more donkeys, just like Deirdre (below) and Damien.

Deirdre the Donkey, side shot
 Photo courtesy of Laura of Quokka Quilts.

One may think that after Donktober I'd be sick of the sight of asses but that'll never ever happen.  Of course, I only speak for myself as, upon commencement of sewing these lovelies, Mr C rolled his eyes and Laurie, my beloved Brother, decided he'd had enough of all things donkey-related and is now refusing to sew another stitch.  Bad Laurie!

Luckily for me, the Softies for Mirabel mailbox doesn't close until 20th December, so I have plenty of time to get Laurie to the doctor... and then get those little donks finished and sent.

What about you?  Will you be donating some handmade love for this worthwhile cause?  I really really really think you should.  To be honest, if I were you, I'd take this awesome opportunity to make some gorgeous little donks (free pattern available here) and then enter them into the Donktober linky party, which is open til Friday!  Seriously, there are some awesome prizes and the odds are looking good.  Help the Mirabel kiddies and get yourself in the chance for some free goodies at the same time.  Win, win, win, I say!!  ;)

Or, just be a good citizen and do it for the love by making any soft toy you can imagine and send it to Pip at:

Softies for Mirabel
Meet Me at Mike's
63 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy VIC

Lastly, don't forget to link your creation up to the Softies for Mirabel flickr group.  I know I'd love to see what you all donate.




  1. I remember seeing your post about this last year, Erin, and thought that I really must join in next year. Well... next year is here. No promises, but I'd really like to make something. If I don't get my act together this year, you can start nagging me early 2013... LOL!!!

  2. Ok, well I make no promises, but I might try a donkey. If it's terrible it can be a friend for my turtle, and I'll make another turtle to send instead.

  3. I just may have a couple of little owls here looking for homes!

  4. Hope Laurie gets his ass in gear soon! ;o)