Friday, December 6, 2013

A Most Unusual Bear

Bear Paw

I was first inspired to make a Bear Paw quilt when Lucy and Janine joined forces and announced their relaxed, no-pressure bear-paw-along, waaaay back in May.  I straight away wanted to play along but it wasn't til a few weeks later when (1) I found this gorgeous Paddington Bear fabric... 

FABRIC - Paddington Bear

... and (2) a good English friend announced her pregnancy... that a plan was formed.

Here's a rough sketch of what I was thinking...

Planning bear paws quilt

... and here's how it, kindly dubbed "Paddington's Paws" finished up, at roughly 40" x 40".

Paddington's Paws quilt

It is definitely bright and colourful.  Just perfect for the little man born just a mere 2 weeks and 2 days ago.

Even though I've been a bit brave recently and have started experimenting a little more with new-to-me quilting techniques - I kept this one quick and simple with my usual go-to wavy lines.

Paddington's Paws quilt

Maybe not the best choice to truly showcase the Bear Paws blocks but I do quite like the crinkled effect it finished with.

A stripey binding completed the look.

Paddington's Paws quilt

I have discovered that I'm quite partial to a stripey binding.  Unfortunately I originally had this fabric pegged for my wonky stars quilt - so fingers crossed I still have enough!

Lastly, here it is being modeled outside by my wonderful hubby.  I just can't decide which is cuter. ;)

Paddington's Paws quilt

And, yes, that is a "truffle shuffle" tee.  It's one of his faves and everyone seems to comment on it.  I still have no idea what it's all about...


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Happily, this is also another finish from my Making Christmas list.  I think I'm still on track!  Watch out for an update tomorrow.


  1. Cute wee quilt, love all the bright colours :o) You need to watch The Goonies...

  2. You've really put a modern twist on the Bear's Paw block simply by your fabric choices - looks smashing :D

  3. The wavy quilting is perfect! Very sweet quilt - front and back! ;)

  4. Paddington was a great addition :-)

  5. The perfect block for a Paddington Bear quilt Erin, love it !

  6. oh my goodness, so cute!! Great name and love Paddington! That truffle shuffle tee is brilliant, how do you not know the Goonies?! ;) xx

  7. Really adorable quilt and clever tie in with Paddington Bear.

  8. This is a fantastic quilt! Your friend is so lucky :D