Monday, December 16, 2013

I Love Your Precious Heart

Le Challenge

This month's theme for Le Challenge was PRECIOUS and it really got the cogs turning.  My original thought was "diamonds" but after much umming, ahhing and Google image searches I went off the idea.  Maybe one day I'll have a crack but not right now.  So, what next...???

Well, due to the soon-to-be-aired-in-Australia telemovie about INXS being advertised of late, I just couldn't get this song out of my head...

... and, wouldn't you know it, one of the lines just happens to be "I love your precious heart.".  Hello plan!  ;)

I pinned this Pixelated Heart cushion by s.o.t.a.k handmade a few weeks ago with the intention of totally ripping it off for bub's nursery and, seeing as I love to kill multiple birds with one stone, here is my entry.

Pixelated Heart mini quilt

For the background I moved away from the low volume squares used in the original work - and went with a solid in pale aqua.  I was nervous at first but really like the effect and it'll give me a good opportunity to practise some more of my mad FMQ skillz too.  ;)

Pixelated Heart mini quilt - close up

I am mixing things up a little, though, and not intending to make this into a cushion - but rather a mini wall hanging.  I figure that baby girl probably has enough cushions for now (though I do have another planned... cough...).

Stay tuned!  :)

Le Challenge

Linking up to the last Le Challenge for the year!   Head over and check out the other entries. There are some seriously precious ones.  ;)


  1. There are some lovely fabrics in there. Good luck with the FMQ :-)

  2. I HAVE TO see the INXS telemovie, I love(d) them! Beautiful entry and will be so precious indeed! Thanks for sharing on le challenge!

  3. Oh, I love INXS, cute project - love those reds

  4. So sweet Erin! Love the colours and the heart :)