Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Big Hearted Girl

When I first saw these Awesomeville panels by the uber talented cat & vee I absolutely fell head-over-heels in love with the Big Hearted Girl.  I mean, how could I not?!  When I mentioned to Cat, one of the creators, that I'd definitely be buying her if my bubba turned out to be a girl... she then informed me that they also stocked larger 18" panels for cushion covers.  Well then... SOLD!

#widrn  Admiring my awesome new Big Hearted Girl cushion panel by @hellofromcat and @hellofromvee.  I love her!!! Tagged by @rachelwoodenspoon, tagging @quietplay,  @makingrebeccalynne and @fabricdonkey ;)

When she arrived I may have let out a little squeal - I loved her even more.  She's absolutely gorgeous!  I was desperate to make her into a cushion right then and there but couldn't decide exactly what to do.

In the end, I stayed with simple - to allow her to shine all on her own.  All I added was some cute blue pom pom trim - an idea I stole from Cat herself!

Big Hearted Girl cushion

Ahh... swoon!

I am so loving the pom pom trim too!  It was a first for me (but not the last!) so I followed this tutorial for help.  Admittedly it was a bit fiddly and a few pom poms might have not quite made it through unscathed - but it is totally do-able and worth it.  Just remember that slow and steady wins the race.  ;)

For the back I stuck with my usual zip method, and a few bright red prints that I had on hand.

Big Hearted Girl cushion

Unfortunately I only had a 16" insert spare - so I'll have to buy a bigger one when I'm next at the shops.  I do so like a plump cushion.

And, because I know you're dying to see, here she is hanging out with the Cutie Scootie Patootie and Haphazard Chevron cushions.

Big Hearted Girl cushion

I am loving how they look together!

Now, before I run, I must, must, must direct your attention to Kristy's post here.  She is today's Hostess with the Mostest for the Cushion for Christmas Blog Hop - and is also showcasing some gorgeous panels from cat&vee.  AND... wait for it... she may also have a little cat&vee giveaway in the works.  ;)

For more information on cat&vee check out their etsy shop, website and/or follow them both on IG - hellofromcat (Catherine) and hellofromvee (Vanita).  You won't be sorry!  I should also point out that this post has not been a paid endorsement - I am just a huge fan.  I'll definitely be shopping with them again!

Sew Cute Tuesday

Linking up to Sew Cute Tuesday over at Blossom Heart Quilts.

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I'll also be linking up to the party for the Cushion for Christmas Blog Hop (on now!) at Ms Midge when it opens on Saturday 14th December.  Before then, be sure to check out all the fabulous ideas being showcased by some wonderful bloggers - and get working on your own cushions for Christmas!  :)


  1. I love how this turned out! Yay for pom pom trim! ;)

    Your cushion collection is looking just gorgeous!

  2. Fab cushion Erin, you will have the most stylish nursery around.

    Have also succumbed to Cat and Vee's gorgeousness too, and keeping my fingers crossed that my order arrives before Christmas.

  3. Omg that is the cutest panel and the pom pom trim is so perfect! How sweet she plays with the other cushions!

  4. That's really cute! Lovely job on the pillow.

  5. Really like your pillow. Thank you for telling me about cat&vee, they're new to me!

  6. you are too gorgeous Erin, thank you for such a lovely blog post!! We still haven't listed the 18 inch panels in the shop ... I so love Big Hearted Girl with the pom pom trim, she looks gorgeous. Thanks for listing to Kristy's awesome blog post too! Vanita and I are so flattered by yours and Kristy's lovely words. xx

  7. I ADORE Cat & Vee as well - I have several of their gorgeous panels just waiting for the right project to come along. I need some new couch cushions so I think I'll do something similar to your gorgeous cushion!

  8. I LOVE your cushion! Thanks so much for joining in the hop! x