Monday, October 31, 2011

I Heart Surprise Gifts

Every now and then my mum surprises me with a little, "just because" gift (yes, I am very spoilt). Usually it is a delightful bunch of flowers which brightens up my house for days and days... but every now and then she stumbles across something that, as she says, screams me.  For example -


Isn't this tea towel just fabulous?!  I love it and can't help chuckling whenever I look at it.  In fact I love it so much that I can't imagine using it to dry dishes... so am thinking about framing it and hanging it prominently on the wall.  Possibly before Mr C gets home, just incase he's forgotten who's boss while he's been away.  ;)

Do you have a saying that you just love?  Leave a comment and share the laughs.



  1. I love the tea towel! Can't think of any sayings at the moment but if I do I'll let you know!

  2. So awesome! Every women needs a tea towel like this (though I dont know how to translate tea towel ;-) It would make a great postcard, too. I am not good with funny english sayings. If I come up with one I'll be back ;-)

  3. Love it!!! A friend gave me a plaque which says...
    Forget the housework, gone gardening.

  4. Love it! I can think of one that typifies my house - Today's Menu: Take it or Leave It! ;)

  5. It can go up in the house, in the bathroom...... ;)

  6. Hahahahaha brilliant!! My saying (I have it tattooed on me) is a quote from a book 'Mischievous and gleeful, like an elf' - it's not really a saying is it?! But it always makes me smile and reminds me to have fun!!