Thursday, October 20, 2011

TTT - the Machine Edition

Thursday Think Tank

Regular readers may be surprised to see me blogging today - because I quite clearly need to get something finished in time for tomorrow's Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday post.  Well... do I have news for you.  And, trust me, this time it is not the good kind.  Sad face.

Brutus is, once again, on strike.  This time, I assure you, I was nothing but kind and gentle and loving yet he still took exception to having to work at all and calmly and decisively just... well... stopped.

Once again, we are not on speaking terms.

deep breath

So, thanks to the gorgeous Becca over about making rebecca lynne, I will calm my nerves by drinking copious amounts of wine participating in this week's Thursday Think Tank.  In a little "stuff you" to Brutus I will dedicate this post to... the new machine that I will now be requesting from the wonderful, generous, amazing, thoughtful Santa.  Take that Brutus!

Here are some pictures of what I am thinking...

Ok, obviously I am living in La-La Land but I need to escape from reality right now.  Well, that and I have no idea where to even begin when it comes to sewing machines.  I've had Brutus for about 14 years (we think) and he was a gift so I've never had need to research.  So, please, please, please help me out.  What do you use?  Is it good or great or best to stay away from?  What features can you recommend I look out for?  Help!

Thanks in advance.  Seriously.  Now, where is that wine?



  1. Oh no, sounds like Brutus needs to go back to hospital and then perhaps a convalescent home for a while?! I have a Bernina Activa 220 and it's great - I love it! I've also recently used a Janome - no idea what model it was but I'll try to find out as it was lovely to stitch with. Good luck with your search!

  2. OH NO!! Bad Brutus!
    You might find this helpful:


  3. Ugh I HATE BLOGGER. It just deleted my whole three paragraph comment.

    Damn it. Erin where is the wine? We can email my sewing machine advice!!!