Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cribs Weigh In Wednesday

Hello I'm Lucy and I blog at Charm About You and in the style of MTV Cribs I'm going to show you inside my fridge!

This week I've only managed to lose one more pound, that's a total of 7 pounds since I joined in with Erin. Good but no cigar. I have 17 more to lose before I'll see a figure I can stomach!

So this week I've done what I consider a 'healthy' shop. Mostly lots of veg. After seeing Megan was making some delicious green smoothies, I decided to give them a go - it's basically loads of spinach in a blender with some other stuff!! You can find some great recipes here.

I made mine this morning with spinach, banana, soya milk and some Spiru-tein powder. Do you know, I've not had an energy slump all day, which can only be a good thing :) I also intend to get some ground flaxseed. I do eats seeds but don't think they'd be too nice in a smoothie!

Looks like this will be my new best friend while I'm on a green monster kick:

Don't you just love my marmite tin?!

Here's what my fridge looks like (it doesn't have arrows and words in it obviously I added those):

And then there's the cupboard, this is what it looks like, I have to put food in like this because it's so small! (hidden behind this lot is lentils, little tins of spaghetti hoops and soup):

To stay on track I've also written a weekly menu. This really helps me stay focused and also use up the food that needs eating first so less waste!

There are some really cute free printable menus that you can print out from smitten blog designs, they have other great stuff too!

Sadly my printer has run out of coloured ink so mine is looking a bit sad! You get the idea though:

And with Buffy looking over it too ;)

Admittedly it's not all totally healthy but we eat with the kids so I do pick some simple options, plus it's winter here so there needs to be some comfort!!

I'm also trying to watch my portions - smaller plates and that kind of thing.

I also intend to do more of these -

(Not Nemo!!) I'm aiming to do pilates everyday, if you want please harass me about that!!

So in the spirit of keeping positive and healthy here's the happiest song I know - let's dance!

If that's just a bit too happy clappy for you, after you've linked up go and read my rant about word verification!! (then go smile and watch the Muppet movie!)


  1. Love the arrows with the descriptions. Wish I could say our fridge and cupboards looked like that, sadly they don't...a dieter would faint seeing what out cupboards look like...

  2. Thanks for the rootle round your fridge! Alas, while I'd love to join you on the exercise, I can't use my Wii Fit right now as I have a chest infection, and after a very firm telling off from the doc today, I'm on steroids, antibiotics and enough inhaler puffs to make me feel like I need to be scraped off the ceiling :o/ Maybe next week...

  3. Lucy this rocks. I love the shots to your fridge and would DIE if you saw inside mine. In fact, I was just telling my mum last night that I need to get back to running when baby #3 is cooked. I own too many pairs of jeans to go out and buy a different size!!! xoxoxo B

  4. haha~Love it Lucy! Thanks for sharing. And I love how everything is neatly stacked like that, and Buffy on the fridge. Was lots of fun touring your fridge and cupboard. We should all do a post like this at least once a year, as it might motivate us to keep better things in there if we knew everyone was gonna have a peek inside! Good luck with your Pilates routine! xo

  5. Love the insight into your foody life! I could use some of those arrows and words to fill up all the empty space in my fridge/cupboards. Payday cant come soon enough, we are all getting hungry!

  6. Ugh, I'd love to lose 15 lbs. I guess I could give up not working out for Lent ;-)

  7. Love the tour Lucy! :-) I smiled when I saw the baked beans and your comment about them. I live in Canada with someone who's grand-parents were born in England and I always wondered about this love of baked beans!

  8. Oh, Lucy, you are wonderful, fabulous, amazing. Thank you! xo

    To everyone else... sorry about the silence. I shall be back shortly.

  9. Great post - I've missed the risotto this week so I'll be round next week!!

  10. You souond like one determined woman!! Good luck with your weight loss!! I know it isn't even remotely easy to do. Congratulations on rec'ing your award from Mary-Francis. I'm slowly checking out all of her choices, and look forward to perusing your archived posts while I sip on this morning's coffee!! Have a great weekend. ~karen

  11. You are doing better than me...I've lost about two kg since the start of the year....nothing to write home about or even blog about. Ashamed!

  12. Hi Erin, I hope things are okay and that we might see you again soon. I tagged you - Happy Friday! :)