Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday - Day 29

Weigh In Wednesday

WOW.  Can you believe that four weeks have now passed since Weigh In Wednesday began?  Crrrrraziness!  Of course, it also means that I am pretty much half-way through (time-wise) so... I really, really, really wanted to be able to share with you the fantastic news of -5kg today but, alas, that would just be a big, fat lie.  Sad face!

This week more sickness and even more grumpiness (I promise, I'm not always such a sour cow... actually you may need to ask my friends about that...) got the better of me and somehow I managed to put my hands on icecream, pizza, garlic bread, biscuits, chocolate, lemonade etc etc etc.  Never fear, though, it wasn't all consumed at once but it was consumed.  And consumed.  And consumed.  Whoops.

So, luckily for me (and you) my lovely, live-in Superhero is still away saving the planet (or at least a small part of it) so I, once again, have no photos to scare you with this week.  But I do have the all-telling stats.

Weight Loss Goal: -10kgs (-22lbs)
Week's Loss: +0.2kgs (0.44lbs) - yes, that is a gain.  No surprises there!
Total Loss: -3.5kgs (7.72lbs)
Distance to Goal: 6.5kgs (14.33lbs)
Week's Gym Visits: 3 (better!) - plus, well, pretty much nothing else
Total Time Exercising: 2hrs 0mins
Alcohol Units Consumed: Nil
Date of Last Alcoholic Drink: 31st December 2011
Highlight of the Week:  Realising that I fit back into a pair of shorts that had been previously relegated to the rather large and depressing "I can't wear that" pile.

Um yeah.  Let's move straight on, shall we?  This week's clip is to get me up to, well, move that body. 

And, after that classic piece of musical genius... I am... completely lost for words.  Hands up who wants ONJ back.  I know you do!  ;)

Now, before you can link up and share your week's adventures on the weigh in train, I would just like to shamelessly remind you all that this Friday is my turn to host TGIFF - so please be sure to pop back then and see what I've managed to rustle up for show and tell.  Thanks!

Time for me to shush now and pass around the microphone.  Link up with your tales of triumph (or woe) and please, please, please be sure to visit each other and shout words of encouragement.  We're in this together afterall.  Over to you!



  1. Everyone knows you get a by when you are sick. Yay for fitting into a pair of old shorts! That's totally worth celebrating.

  2. You've been sick... don't be too hard on yourself. Important thing is, you can fit into those shorts!!! And you went to the gym three times!!! Yes, please, bring back Olivia! We sat very close to the front at one of her concerts in the 70s. Mr TMW felt she was singing just for him... LOL!!! It was a great concert!

  3. Long term journey. Long term journey.... and you know the rest of the pep talk blah blah blah ;) Well done on how much you HAVE achieved... just look back at that.
    I'm very close to having to join you. I've put on scary amounts of weight over the holidays. Time to get moving again!!

  4. Well done for getting in the shorts, that's great progress :) I'm with you on the being sick and the woe, this week has not gone well for me but I'm renewed and am getting back on track. Somehow I managed to eat nothing but carbs once my appetite returned so I need to be really good this week!!

  5. Boo to the continuing ick, but yay on the shorts! I'll link up when I get home later :o)

  6. Hooray for fitting into old clothes! Onwards and upwards (or should I say downwards?!) for next week! :)

  7. Isn't it amazing when that article of clothing that was a little too snug now fits like a glove?! :-) As for feeling like crap, take care of and listen to your body... if it wants junk while it's healing, then so be it. You'll have plenty of time to get back on track when you're feeling better.

  8. Keep going, you can do it!! This week is just a blip, don't beat yourself up about it!

  9. congratulations on fitting back into those shorts! You have done an amazing job and been a great motivation for me.
    I have not been doing well myself. I was going to post about my weigh-in but always got so tired after work this week...not sure if I should just post about it next week?

    I hope you have a FAB week, Erin. :)