Thursday, February 9, 2012

WIP - A Day Late

I realise that it is now Thursday in Western Australia... but just for today, I'm going to pretend that I'm on New York time and link up to Lee's WIP Wednesday.  Yay.

First thing I've worked on this week is the much neglected Summer House quilt - now completely pieced!  This baby currently measures 72" x 48" but I'm tossing up whether I should add sashing or not.  Probably, yes.  Realistically this is just going to sit untouched for another few months, though, so until then, here is a sneak peak.

This quilt has been made with a Summer House by Lily Ashbury layer cake and is based on the Boxed In Quilt tutorial.  It was actually very simple to put together, I was just lazy and made it drag on and on and on and on.  ;)

Next is something I am excited about and will hopefully have completed very soon.  It is the beginning of a new bag - for moi!  I've been meaning to update my crusty old thing for months now but haven't got around to it.  But, now that my Mum is making noises about me making her a bag I figured I'd better have a trial-run first, just so I didn't completely stuff it up.  So...

I absolutely adore that Silent Cinema print so am hoping this comes off as planned.  Really, I shouldn't be too worried as the Classy Curvy Handbag pattern I'm using is amazingly detailed (with full colour pics!) and very easy to follow.  She'll be right.  :)

Next is a bit of cuteness - some army pj pants for my nephew, to match the Sergeant Sebastian softie I made months and months ago (oops!).

These are mostly finished, just a few little touches here and there to finalise.  I used the Sleepover Pajamas pattern by Oliver+S, which was mostly straightforward, though I did have a few issues with the waistband.  Thankfully the elastic pulled it all together and managed to hide some of those problems.  Now I just have to work out whether I am brave enough to tackle the top too, or whether I'll "cheat" and just add some applique to a pre-bought long sleeve shirt.  Hmm.  I have to admit that the latter option is definitely appealling!  ;)

I found these pieces whilst rummaging through a box in my sewing room - all cut and ready for me to make another earbud pouch, as pouch Erin's fabulous tutorial.

The fabric is, of course, from the adorable Prince Charming collection by Tula Pink.  I love that frog!  I actually prepared these weeks ago but for some reason didn't then take the extra 15 minutes needed to sew it all together.  Doh!  Oh well, maybe this weekend - after I finish my bag!

That's pretty much it for my week.  Not too shabby, really.  Before you leave, though, don't forget to check out my "fugly" giveaway - to be drawn next Tuesday.  Good luck!

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  1. Love the Summer House quilt! Beautiful fabrics, and cute pattern. I have a problem thinking a top isn't quite big enough, and that it needs sashing or borders, and then once I get to quilting it wonder what I was thinking and how it got so big!?
    I've had that ear bud pouch on my to do list for a while, so fun!

  2. Love your projects, Erin! So cute, and your Summer House quilt is so beautiful, love the fabric colors with the white.

  3. Loving the summer house quilt! Just gorgeous!

    Good luck with the bag - look forward to seeing how it goes. I've just started making bags - entirely different ballgame to quilting but still very fun!

  4. Ooh, love the colours in that quilt, but I can imagine in the heat it's not too appealing to tackle! Good luck with the bag, I'll be playing with the new one I've been designing (and hopefully finish it) this weekend. Love that frog too, and the earbud pouch, I may need to marry the two when I'm looking at fussy cutting some frogs this weekend... (entirely unrelated to the bag BTW!)

  5. Dang, Erin! All of your projects are looking awesome! I really love that quilt and the beginning of the bag looks very promising. I'm sure your nephew will love the PJs, too!

  6. Holy Smokes! I just *love* all your projects! Fell in love with Summer House when I first saw the line and drooling and bummed because I just couldn't justify buying one more set of fabric with so much already pooled around. So fun to see Sergeant Sebastian again, and so totally awesome with the matching sleep pants!!! And that Prince Charming frog!!! Tooo, too cute of a pouch!

  7. Erin what great projects!! The quilt looks gorgeous and you know I love that frog :)
    Now since my boy is growing so fast any chance you could whip me up some of those cute PJ pants?! ;)

  8. love your boxed in quilt. I think I have that tutorial bookmarked!

  9. All your projects are fabulous, but I think I love the way you fussy cut that earbud case the best.

  10. What gorgeous WIPs, think my favourite is the boxed in quilt.

  11. Love all your WIPs - the 'jama bottoms look great! And I'd definitely go for the appliqué option!

  12. Love your Summer House quilt... so beautiful. I think I may need to go and check out that bag pattern. I'm in dire need of a new bag - I look like a bag lady with the one I have right now! :-)

  13. Love the summer house quilt too. Will have to check out the earbud pouch tutorial - I'm intrigued. Great projects!

  14. You have really been ploughing through the projects despite not being 100%. I love those pjs and commando doll (and I would do the t-shirt with applique too). Can't wait to see that summerhouse quilt further along, it is looking so beautiful.

  15. Those PJ pants are seriously adorable!!!