Friday, February 3, 2012

TGIFF - It's Here!

Welcome to this week's Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday, hosted by... moi!  If you are new to my blog please feel free to pull up a seat and make yourself at home.  I am delighted that you all could make the trip. :)

As Laura has been having a few sewing-related issues of late, she asked if I would step in to host this week.  After umming and ahhing and generally thinking "Um... yeah... no" I figured it would be the perfect push to get one of my many WIPs finished so here I am, happily able to show off a completed project.  So what did I manage to get done?  Well... how about a cute, itty bitty little quilt for Kat's Blanket of Love campaign.

When I first came across Blankets of Love a few months ago, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon.  The premise is simple - make a small quilt (20" - 25" square) for a premature baby in hospital.  What a great idea!  To encourage donations from all over the world, Kat even accepts tops, backs or even just blocks (great use for those odd bee blocks you might never use!) - and then she completes the quilt ready for donation.  How awesome is she?! 

As I live in the same city as Kat, though, I agreed to donate a completed quilt - this time for a boy.  Many of these fabrics were left over from my first ever quilt so after rummaging through my stash and playing around with layout, I decided on this simple 5x5 square pattern.  As you can imagine, this came together extremely quickly and was a largely stressfree project.

I say "largely" stressfree due to a few issues with my new machine, Laurie, while we got used to quilting together.  In the end I settled on a compromise and just went with my usual fallback, organic line quilting.  I might need to have a bit more of a play on scraps before tackling my next quilting project.

Speaking of the next project, I already have another similar top pieced and ready to go so fingers crossed I have two completed quilts ready for the next round of Blankets of Love.  Then... I might need to start working on a girly design to even things up a bit.  ;)

If you too would like to donate to this worthwhile cause, click on the button below to find out more.

blankets of love copy 150 dpi

Wait.  STOP!  Before you do that though... don't forget to link up your awesome finishes for this week.  I know I'm excited to see what everyone has been working on.



  1. Love your quilt and good luck with hosting TGIFF, I think you've got it covered!

  2. It looks lovely and how nice of you to donate it to such a sweet cause.:)
    I wish I could say I have something to show for TGIFF but unfortunately nothing completed here! I'm currently in the process of making my first ever quilt and I'm quite excited about it!

  3. I love those fabrics and that binding give it a great pop, Erin! Thanks for hosting! You da woman!

  4. Love your new masthead, btw! Very cool!

  5. What a great little quilt! I haven't done a thing this week so way to go on getting something done :)

  6. Cute! I'll link up later when I get home. My superbright QAL blocks are going to be made into a top to send to Kat too (for use with a very cool baby with sunglasses I think ;o) )

  7. Thanks for hosting. :) I love those organic lines. Do you sew them with a walking foot (looks like the curves are gentle enough for that) or normal foot? Or do you do them FMQ style?

  8. So cute!! I love the quilting too, how do you do that? I tried something similar but it was not wavy enough!!
    I'm sure it will be much loved :)

  9. That is SO cute! Love those fabrics! Thanks for the info on this great cause, and thanks for hosting TGIFF this week. :o)

  10. It is cute, especially the animal blocks!
    I'm late getting posted but better than the past 2 weeks that I have forgotten to get the post done.
    I believe I am set to host in 2 weeks.