Friday, October 12, 2012

DONKTOBER - A Denim Donkey?!

This post is part of Donktober 2012.  For more information please see here.

Today's Donktober hostess is the amazing Lucy of Charm About You.  From her own donkey embroidery design to an up-cycling tutorial to a book review - Lucy has a bit of everything.  Oh, and, did I forget to mention a GIVEAWAY.  Get over there.  Quick sticks.

Disclaimer - sorry I don't yet have an example of her gorgeous embroidery design to show off but I seem to have misplaced my hoops in the move.  Doh!  Planning to do a big hunt today so will hopefully be able to remedy that soon.  Sorry Lucy!

Speaking of giveaways though, don't forget that Kelle of Ann Kelle Designs has a half yard of each colourway of her Donkies fabric up for grabs.  Enter here

And, before I leave you to begin searching for my embroidery gear, I've just received an update from Deirdre the Donkey.  She has arrived safely in the US and is currently out having a lovely meal...

Deirdre the Donkey out for dinner in the US, 12 Oct 2012
Photo courtesy of Laura of Quokka Quilts

...and making new friends, including Danny from Mommy for Reals.

Deirdre the Donkey meets Danny of Mommy for Reals, 12 Oct 2012
Photo courtesy of Laura of Quokka Quilts

Great to hear from you Deirdre.  Look forward to seeing more of your adventures at Sewing Summit soon!


Next up on the Donktober schedule is moi - with an extremely ridonkulous (but oh-so-cute) softie tutorial.  Look out for that, this Monday!



  1. Glad to hear Deidre didn't get lost in transit!

  2. Yum, chips and salsa for Deidre? Will be fun to follow her adventures. Looking forward to your softie on Monday. :) Hope you found your hoops!

  3. She was a perfectly behaved donkey at Sewing Summit. Now that she's on the road with Laura and Katy, though, I'm not so sure...