Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DONKTOBER - Softie Pattern Review

This post is part of Donktober 2012.  For more information please see here.

Before you head over to making rebecca lynne to see Becca's fabulous softie and pattern review (and enter her giveaway!), I'd like to quickly introduce you to Deirdre, the travelling donkey.

Deirdre the Donkey, side shot
Photo thanks to Laura of Quokka Quilts

With her blue and green mane and DS highlights, Deirdre is a total spunk who enjoys the outdoors, adventures and hugs.

Deirdre the Donkey, among the flowers
Photo thanks to Laura of Quokka Quilts

For her first overseas holiday, Deirdre is off to the US and Sewing Summit with Laura, so stayed tuned for her random travelling pics throughout the month.

Deirdre the Donkey parties hard
Photo thanks to Laura of Quokka Quilts

And, well, with Laura and Katy as chaperones I suspect that such photos will be a frequent addition.  Poor donkey!

That's enough about Deirdre, for now.

So, do you want to make your own adorable donkey friend?  Then pop over to Becca's house to meet her gorgeous bundle of joy, find the pattern link, read the review and... then... enter her giveaway.  Yippee!


This Friday is Kristy's turn to host the Donktober party - so be sure to head to Quiet Play for an extra special treat from the "Paper Piecing Queen" (TM).  No prizes for guessing what her project is.  ;)



  1. Hahahaha!! Love the last pic of Deidre! Hilarious!

  2. Deirdre is so adorable! Someone get her some aspirin and coffee! ;)

  3. LOL. Love these kid of photos. At our friend's wedding, we nicknamed one of the mini shrubs they were giving out as Seamus the Shrub. We then proceeded to photograph Seamus having a ball at the wedding, playing the drugs, drinking too much, under the table, etc. So ridiculously fun! :) Look forward to seeing more of Donktober!

  4. I bet Deirdre's head hurt the next morning...

  5. It'll be Jack I tell ya, he's forever in the booze...

  6. Oh oh. Deidre was such a good little donkey went first came into the world. Is she being led ass-tray?? Is she to become a decadent donkey?? (By the way, love the finishing you chose for her mane and tail, Erin. - A damn, dandy donk!)