Saturday, October 6, 2012


This post is part of Donktober 2012.  For more information please see here.

Admittedly, when Laura first asked me to be a part of her Travellin' Pic Stitch Blog Hop my immediate response was
"get lost"  "no thankyou, ma'am".  The thought of adding another string to my bow (I was an EPP virgin) right in the middle of Donktober and moving house was, putting in mildly, not something I was interested in.  At all.

Yet, somehow, here we are.  And, I begrudgingly concede, I am sooooo glad I
was bullied into it caved and signed up.  Yep, I'm a complete and utter EPP convert and, against my strongest inklings to the contrary, really enjoyed the process.  I definitely see more of this method in my future.

Ok, I'd better take a step back, for those of you who have no idea what I am on about (Mum?) and explain what exactly "this method" is.   Basically, EPP stands for English Paper Piecing and refers to:

"a hand sewing technique, used to maximize accuracy when piecing 
complex angles together.  A paper shape is cut with the exact dimensions 
of the desired piece.  Fabric is then basted to the paper shape.  Adjacent 
units are then placed face to face and the seam is whip stitched 
together.  When a given piece is completely surrounded by all 
the adjacent shapes, the basting thread is cut, and the basting and 
the paper shape are removed."
~ from  Wikipedia

 So, um, clear as mud now?

There are lots of gorgeous patterns and designs out there to choose from but, for this, my very first time, I decided on Katy's gorgeous Spring Carnival tutorial.  I figured it would expose me to a few different shapes to see what I liked (hexies) and what I didn't (triangles).

Instead of the suggested 2" shapes, though, I re-jigged it to best fit the fabric I wanted to feature in the centre - a donkey, or course.  So, for my particular block, 1 3/4" squares, triangles and hexagons were used.

Now that I'd chosen a pattern and had the necessary donkey element sorted, it was time to start figuring out a colour palette.  The Travellin' Pic Stitch Blog Hop is all about using inspiration from travel photographs, so with our fiesta housewarming coming up and asses on the brain - I looked straight to Mexico.

I love, love, luuuuurve their brightly coloured houses and cheery streetscapes.  Wouldn't it be fun to live in a house like this..


Or this...


Or this...


Somehow I can't see Mr C letting my paint the new house pink but, for this project, those colours work perfectly.

So what does the Spring Carnival block plus a donkey plus pink, aqua and white equal?  Well... how about this sweet little cushion / pillow.

PILLOW - Le Burro at the Fair, english paper pieced
El Burro at the Fair

The little ass in the centre is sooo sweet and makes me smile every time.  He is from Senor Burrito by Alexander Henry.  The aqua is from Summer House by Lily Ashbury and the pink stripes are by Me and My Sister.
I've actually pieced the white border too - for three reasons.  (1) it gave me more opportunity to practice my new mad skillz; (2) my sewing machine was packed at the time in preparation for the big move; and (3) I knew I wanted to quilt it by echoing the various shapes.

PILLOW - Le Burro at the Fair, english paper pieced, close up

As this whole project was basically new for me I thought I might as well go all out with the binding too - so I tried this technique from From the Blue Chair.  It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be.

Thanks to Laura and Katy for hosting this fabulous blog hop.  I have really enjoyed the opportunity to challenge myself - and am stoked with the results.

Also, a big thanks to you for popping in.  Don't forget that tomorrow's host of the TPSBH is Sarah Fielke of
The Last Piece.  I'm sure she has something extra special up her sleeve to show off.


Here's the fine print...

This post is part of the Travellin' Pic Stitch Blog Hop.  From 1st October - 30th November we are hopping all over the world EPP-ing in some fantastic locations.

Check out the full list for October & November here and be sure to check out the other participants.

On 30th November it's over to you to link up for a chance to win these fabulous prizes!  Sponsored by Paperpieces.comFabricworm, Pink Castle Fabrics Marmalade Fabrics, the Fat Quarter ShopWantItNeedItQuilt, and Aurifil.

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  1. Hi Erin! Thank you for a fun post and I love your donkey pillow! Great idea! Wow, those houses are something else! I would paint mine turquoise! I'm so happy to join this fantastic bloghop, too - my first as the EPP.
    Sunny wishes from Greece! x Teje

  2. Love the pillow. Very cute snd great work for an EPP virgin.

  3. Ha, that ROCKS!!!! Well done and I think it may even win Craig over to a pink house...

  4. So cute, love the wee guy in the middle, and the super colourful pics for inspiration!

  5. Fantastic! I love that Alexander Henry fabric.

  6. Superfun combo of Donktober and the EPP blog hop. I'm completely new to EPP as well, but also somehow still decided it was a good idea to jump in on this blog hop. Your awesome project gives me some hope that all will be right in the end. We shall see, I suppose.

  7. Just too adorable! What a fun little project.

  8. great pillow! the pink donkey is so cute :) I love the quilting in the white border - it looks fabulous!!

  9. Erin that cushion is fabulous!! So cute and really fun colours. I love your inspiration! Glad you enjoyed epp too :)

  10. Wow, that's just fantastic! The cushion is so cute and I love that donkey. I can't believe you were a virgin!

  11. Such a cute pillow! Well done on your EPP - it looks fab! Of course the donkey in the centre is the perfect touch! ;)

  12. You are killing me Erin! I *must* have that pillow for the baby's nursery! Oh my goodness, I love it. Great job!

  13. Hey babe! I can't understand why you would think your Mum wasn't following all that :-). Absolutely fabulous result. Donkalicious!

  14. What a great little pillow. I worked half the day on my project and am having so much fun hoping around to see the other participants!

  15. Wow those colors are spectacular. Great job for your first go at EPP, lovely cushion

  16. Fantastic! I was a virgin (well, an EPP one) before this blog hop too and I think it's a great technique. You also have a very nice ass. You know, on the cushion. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.)

  17. HI Erin, nice to meet you through the blog hop. Your pillow is absolutely adorable. I love the donkey in the middle. Beautiful work.

  18. Adorable! Love your pillow and beautiful fabric choice. Great for a New bee. Thanks for sharing...Judith, Texas

  19. So bright and colorful. Super cute EPP