Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DONKTOBER - What's Ahead?!

This post is part of Donktober 2012.  For more information please see here.

Well, we are now 1.bit weeks into the Donktober festivities - and, WOW, what awesome projects we have seen so far.  In particular I'd like to draw attention to Becca's spunky little softie, Damian, and Kristy's extremely popular paper piecing pattern and tutorial.  Love them!  Thanks so much to everyone who has been following along so far.  It is soooo lovely to receive your positive comments and even see a few donkeys popping up in Blogland.  Yippee!

I have also been busily preparing for some upcoming ridonkulous tutorials and projects.  Unfortunately I can't divulge too much just yet but here are a few clues to keep you guessing.

DONKEY QUILT - quilting has begun

QUILT - Jack and Jenny

... and one of my favourites...

Sneak Peek - Delilah

Any ideas?

I also have a tutorial planned, using this gorgeous print...

FABRIC - Donkies in Primary by Ann Kelle

... but you'll have to wait for that one.

In the meantime, though, if you would like to get your hands on your own Donkies fabric then head over to Ann Kelle's blog where Kelle is offering the chance for you to win a half yard of EACH colourway.  Whoop!  Yes, you read that correctly - the lovely Kelle has agreed to be part of the Donktober silliness by hosting a GIVEAWAY!


Next on the Donktober schedule is the luscious Lucy from Charm About You with an up-cycling tutorial and FREE donkey embroidery pattern - this Friday.  Word on the street is that there might even be another little giveaway up for grabs too.  Don't miss it!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This post has been linked to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.  Be sure to jump across to see what everyone else is currently working on (after entering Kelle's awesome giveaway, of course!).


  1. That fabric is soo cute, Erin! :) Your projects look yummy. Love the Jack and Jenny print.. and is that a sock-donkey? Can't wait to find out! xo

  2. So many donkilicious projects! The quilting is looking fab on that first project!

  3. I'm guessing the same as Kelli- a sock donkey! Loving all the Donktober fun, can't wait to see what comes next.

  4. Love that donkey fabric! Very unusual! Not much call for donkeys! lol

  5. Your projects look awesome, can't wait for the reveals! X

  6. Such cool looking projects!! Could it be a donkey sock toy?? =D

  7. The donkey fabric is so cute! Visiting from WIP Wednesday!