Thursday, July 11, 2013

FAL - 3rd Quarter Here I Come

she can quilt

I am excited to be linking up for my first ever Finish-A-Long.  I am definitely the type of person who needs help & motivation from an outside source to keep me on track - so this idea of just narrowing things down to a few projects to work on over 3 months is perfect.

Saying that, though, as I know other, new, must-do-right-this-second projects will pop up along the way, I've tried to keep my list realistic and just limited to four special (to me) quilts. 

In no particular order may I present:

The Donkey Quilt

HST Donkey Quilt, in progress
Blogged here

I LOVE this little guy.  Unfortunately he has sat in my WIP pile for far too long.  I want, no, correction, need to see him finished.

Shiver Me Timbers

Jolly Roger Pirate quilt top
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My pirate quilt top hasn't been hanging around that long but I do want to see it finished and lovingly used as soon as possible, before our winter is over.

Tippecanoe Cushion cum Quilt

Tippencanoe quilt blocks, 3x3, March 2013
Blogged here

These Tippecanoe blocks have held a special place in my heart for a while now.  I love the look of them sooo much I somehow managed to get talked into increasing this proposed cushion cover into a whole quilt.  Um... ok.  I've actually done a few more blocks since this photo was taken but I still have a ways to go.  And don't even ask how I'm thinking I'll actually quilt this baby.  I have absolutely no idea.

Bear Paws Quilt

QUILT BLOCKS - Bear Paws in orange
Blogged here

Another newby, this one can't be ignored because it is too much fun.  Plus I already have most of the pieces cut and the backing fabric ready and waiting so have no real excuse not to get it done.

Well, that's my list for the 3rd quarter.  Fingers crossed I can make a real dent in these projects before October.

Are you playing along too? Link ups close on the 15th - so get in quick.



  1. I love that Donkey Quilt! I have a soft spot for pink and grey, and I love the story of how it grew from a small thing to a large thing (I have that disease as well.) I'd love to see this completed!

  2. Love all your projects but the Tippecanoe cushion that grew into a quilt is definitely my favourite :) Good luck with your finishes.

  3. Oh that donkey quilt is killing me with cuteness. So much that I had to read more about it.... I wish I had known about Donktober. That is the best.

  4. Ooh good list! I'll cheer you on to get those finished! Especially the donkey quilt - that totally deserves to be a finished project! :)

  5. Great projects- really love the blues and greens of your Tippecanoe blocks!

  6. Best get to it, mush, mush... ;o)