Friday, July 26, 2013

The Ultimate Villian

A day or two ago I suddenly had an urgent need to paper piece.  Even though it's been ages between visits, I figured I wouldn't need to start off small with some Tippencanoe blocks, oh no, I wanted to dive straight in with the baddiest of all baddies, Darth Vader.

Fabric pulled for Darth Vader quilt block

When I first saw this pattern, by Kristy of Quiet Play, I knew I had to make it for my cousin's Star Wars obsessed son.  At just 3.5 years old he's already a full bottle on all the characters and says of Darth Vader, his absolute favourite, "He's not all that bad".  Too cute!

As Mr 3.5 can be a fussy eater at times, I thought a special placemat may encourage him to sit at the table and at least try to have a few mouthfuls of dinner.  Well, anything is worth a shot, right?


I was super excited when I finished the binding on this baby - the whole thing looked pretty much like I had imagined.  That and I was just so glad it was finished because it was not a fun project for me.

Those following me on IG know I had at least one episode with the unpicker but, in all honesty, it was closer to 10.  Talk about frustrating!  I pieced the wrong pieces, I sewed over folds, I didn't have right sides together and I tried to use pieces that were too small.  I was just not feeling the paper piecing love, let me tell you!  At one point I even snipped my finger with the scissors.  Ok, ok, I did that twice.

THEN... I had a few issues lining the seams up (totally my stupidity, nothing to do with the pattern!) so Darth Vader has ended up with a few wrinkles between his eyes.  I figure that with the life he leads that was inevitable anyway.  ;)

QUILTED PLACEMAT - Darth Vader has wrinkles

For the quilting I decided on a random grid pattern, using some of the seams to start with and then going from there.  I've done this style before, on this quilt, and really like the look.


I also stitched around Darth himself, which you can see a bit better on the back.

QUILTED PLACEMAT - Darth Vader (back)

A spotty binding finished him off at 13.5" x 9.5".


Well... I thought he was finished but after pulling this out of the washing machine I noticed a small hole where the seam had pulled out.  ARGH!!!

QUILTED PLACEMAT - Darth Vader (hole)

Yes, I cursed.  Loudly.  More than once.  He is truly a bad, bad, bad man.  :(

So, dear readers, what do I do now?  How do I fix this?  Plan A is to scream, stomp on it and throw it in the bin.  Plan B is to glam Darth up with a pretty flower - but I have a feeling Mr 3.5 may object.  Any ideas for a Plan C?  Anyone?

HELP!  Please.  With a cherry on top.

Paper Piecing Party

Linking up with the Paper Piecing Party over at Kristy's house.


  1. Oh no!!! I hate when that happens! The only suggestion I have is to try to carefully hand sewn that bit of the seam. You might end up with a little puckering though - but better than unpicking the whole thing!

    Despite the torment he put you through, I think Darth turned out fabulously! Perfect colour scheme for him too!

  2. Its brilliant!! Great idea to make a placemat and I agree with Kristy just hand sew it, you won't notice a dark thread. XX

  3. He looks truly villanous! And I agree with Kristy and Lucy that you should be able to hand sew the culprit seam.

  4. If it were me I would use fabric glue then a ladder stitch to try and hold it in place. I'm sure then little guy will be so excited that he won't even notice!

  5. Ladder stitch it with a very fine needle and thread.

  6. He is brilliant and I am sure will have the required effect! Sewing down the seam will not detract from the overall effect!

  7. He is such a bad, bad, man! Sorry about all the trouble with him. Ditto everyone else with the hand sewing. Your nephew will love it!

  8. Oh I know how you feel I had a bad paper piecing week myself. One block went well the other frustrating as heck. So glad it worked out well in the end - I think Darth looks like he'd make you eat your broccoli and finish your carrots too. He's going to love it!

  9. What a fabulous idea to turn him into a fussy eaters placemat Erin. I too have trouble paper piecing when I have had a break from it. It's like learning all over again.

  10. Oh I feel your pain! There are days when my quick unpick is never out of my hand when I'm paper piecing. That said, I still love the results that you get so I stick at it!
    Love the way you quilted this. Good luck fixing it!

  11. What a great idea! Shame about the naughty seam - I'd put some fray check on it and then try to hand stitch it. If that failed I'd hand appliqué another other piece of fabric (matching!) over the top - I did that for mam after Alfie chewed a hole in a table runner (he has a thing for new, unwashed fabric!) and you have to look closely to see the patch...hope you find something that works!

  12. What a great idea! I should really check out those patterns for my nephews for Christmas.