Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sweet Pouch Swap

I may still be in the midst of Stephanie's Triple Zip Pouch Swap but that didn't stop me in the slightest from signing up to Alyce's Sweet Pouch Swap.  Lucky I didn't hesitate, too, as sign ups closed after just 5 hours - as 100 people had already registered their interest.  Talk about popular.

So, I am thankful I got in quickly and am able to take part.  Yay!

This swap is a bit different for me as it is completely open and therefore allows me to converse with my partner to pinpoint her exact likes and dislikes.  No guesswork needed here.  I have been partnered with Yvette from Knoxville, TN who is actually Australian-born so might already have an idea of the sweet treats she'd like to receive (???).

Before that we get to that point, though, I've made another little mosaic to give Yvette an idea of my own loves.

MOSAIC - Sweet Pouch Swap, Round 2, 2013

I hope that gives you some idea, Yvette, but feel free to shoot a million questions my way, if need be.

Until then... I'm heading off to take some pics of what I've been working on of late.  I figure that I need to prove that my pre-occupation and lack of blogging has not meant a lack of sewing.  ;)

See you all for WIP Wednesday tomorrow.  :) 



  1. Fabulous mosaic!! And as a fellow ex-pat, I'm sure she will have some longed-for sweet treats!!

  2. Gorgeous mosaic :-) I am really excited about participating in this swap.

  3. Love your mosaic - lots of bright cheery projects there!

  4. Have fun with it! I have a wee camper to make for the centre of a block later, I may look closer at that mosaic!