Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zip It Real Good

As regular readers know, I signed up for Stephanie's Triple-Zip Pouch Swap and, exciting news, yesterday I received my partner's details so stalking has begun.  Yippee!!

Triple-Zip Pouch Swap

Before I get too carried away with that, though, I thought it best to have a trial run so I downloaded the Triple-Zip Pouch tutorial by the amazing Debbie of A Quilter's Table and got a-cutting.

There are soooo many gorgeous fabric and colour combinations of triple-zip pouches out there but I opted for something simple (and available) and went with solid purples, ombre style.

Preparing for a practice run, ombre style #triplezip #triplezipswap

Thanks to Debbie's great tutorial, it all came together quickly and easily (not taking into account my own slackness).

When it comes to zips I prefer to sew quite closely to the teeth - so that the tape on the sides isn't too visible.  This can mean that my seam allowance is >1/4" so I ended up re-cutting the two lighter purples so that they were 1 3/4" wide rather than the suggested 1 1/4".  I cut all the other pieces exactly per Debbie's instructions.

Oh, and sewing so close to the zip may or may not result in a needle - finger injury.  Or so I hear.  Ahem.

For the final step I turned to this tutorial for an alternative ending (with pics) - and it worked like a treat.


Here she is in all her finished glory.  I think that the ombre look turned out really well.  It would look amazing in pinks.  Or blues.  Or greens.


As you can see, I somehow managed to sew over the zips on the left-hand side - whereas the right is as it should be.  Hmm.  I also need to work on popping those corners out so it doesn't end up so... crappy.  Never fear, dear partner... I will perfect it.   :)


The lining is a sweet paisley, left over from this quilt.  I still love it.


I've been meaning to make one of these pouches ever since I saw them explode all over the Blogosphere so I was thrilled to finally have an excuse to give it a go.  I'm really happy with the final result (regardless of the oopsies) and will definitely be making myself more of these!

Until then, though, I really should think about my partner.  I have started playing with fabrics and have so far pulled these options.  What do you think?  Obviously I'm hoping that my secret partner has a say but comments or suggestions from you all would be much appreciated.

Triple Zip Pouch Swap - option 1
Option 1

Triple Zip Pouch Swap - option 2
Option 2

Thanks!  I'm off to continue stalking and pulling fabrics.


On a side note - jump onto IG and share a pic of your sewing space as it is right now.  Use hashtag #sewingspaceshame.  Let's keep it real - and, no doubt, have a giggle!  I have a feeling that I'm not the only... err... messy one.   :)


  1. If I'm your secret partner, I'd love to receive the pouch you've already made. It looks fabulous!!! Getting the corners just right is where I sometimes come undone. From where I'm sitting, yours look great. I really like both sets of fabrics you've chosen, but my preference is for Option 2.

  2. Oh your pouch is gorgeous! Love the ombre! I like option 2 as well.

  3. Love the ombre and so glad you are enjoying my little tutorial! ;-)

  4. Great work on the pouch, you need to let that little bitty space by the zipper go! The hombre is wonderful, I also love the other 2 fabric choices. I really need to practice mine before making my swap partner's pouch.

  5. I like the contrast in patterns in Choice #1. Your first pouch looks great. It is still something I want to try when I get a minute. lol!

  6. I love the ombre! That looks so awesome!!

  7. I'm envying your secret partner!