Monday, August 29, 2011

If I Must

This week I have a number of projects that must get done.  Must because there is a deadline.  Must because I am sick and tired of thinking about them but not doing them.   Must because it will surely make someone smile and that, in turn, will make me happy.  Whatever the reason, these projects will get done.  Before next Monday.  Especially now that I've announced it to the world.  ;)

APRON - for my daddy dearest for Fathers' Day.  A manly one, of course.  I plan on starting with this simple tutorial... and then seeing where it takes me.  Let's just hope Dad doesn't suddenly get a burning desire to read my blog.

BLOCKS - for two fantastic "charity" quilts organised by So Sarah Sews.  I have signed up to donate one Charming Star block and a Garden Fence block, to be made in pinks and purples.  The cut-off date for these to arrive is October 7 so, as international post can sometimes be a little iffy, I'd better get onto these asap.  More donations are still needed so pop over to Sarah's blog if you are interested in signing up.  You'll get a warm, fuzzy feeling - I promise.  ;)

PERSONALISED PILLOWS - that have been half-finished for weeks now.  Because, ideally I'd like the kids to receive them before they turn 21...

PIN CUSHION - because I am sick and tired of stepping on dropped pins.  And so is my man.  Oops.

PLASTIC BAG HOLDER - for my mummy dearest.  Just because.  Well... she did ask me to make it... but now I finally will.  Make sure you hold me to that promise, Mum.  ;)

TUTORIAL - my first ever, so stay tuned.  I promise it'll be a great starter for any newbies.  Or a quick and simple project for those of you who have more sewing experience.  Winner!

Hmm... that all might be enough to keep me busy.  Wish me luck!


For those of you with pillow orders, please do not despair.  I will get moving on them as soon as my fabric orders arrive.  I have not forgotten you!  :)


  1. Wow. We are connected. I was just thinking I need to make my own "must get done or die" list...of course I haven't. I am about to throw blogger out the window for being so erratic at the moment. And then I have about a million hexagons to sew, plus a jewelry order to fill, and emails (like yours specifically) to answer...

    Sigh. Glad I am not the only one with "A List" ;)

    p.s. I just thought of my first tutorial! Well, a friend asked me a question...and I thought I might as well do the work and share it too right? Heh heh... Wanna co-tutor? Oooh...

  2. Ooh - very brave of you to write a list! I'm too afraid... and would have serious typer's cramp by the time I'd finished. Hope it works!

  3. Great list - good luck with it! I have a list of projects I want to start (I have three that are ready to start - all the fabric washed and ironed and everything, just need to get cutting!) and another list of things I fancy making but am still thinking about - like my Christmas quilt that has been 8 months in the planning! Both lists are in my head and I was just thinking last night about whether sharing my plans on my blog would help me decide which to start first - I wonder if it's that back to school feeling that has us itching to get organised...the quilting equivalent of sorting out your new school bag and pencil case!!