Friday, August 5, 2011


A few months ago, I had a go at making some soft baby cubes for decoration at a friend's baby shower.  To my delight they were an absolute hit with her niece so I decided that Lara deserved a set of her own.  Afterall, it is always a thrill to make things for someone who really appreciates them.

As with my first set, these include applique letters, with a picture on the reverse.  I had particular fun stitching L for Lion and am extremely pleased with the results (unfortunately I need to work on my picture taking skills though - sorry!).  There is also A for Alien, R for Rabbit and A for Apple (hopefully the worm won't gobble it all up before the post arrives).  ;)

The fantastic thing about these cubes is that you can use different materials (cotton, minky, corduroy etc), applique and even tags for a completely different look and feel.  It all depends on you!  These particular ones are made with 100% cotton and are 9x9x9cm.

If you would like me to make some of these for a little friend in your life, please email me the particulars and we can work out a suitable (and affordable) price.  I'm also thinking of working on a tutorial if anyone out there is interested.  Please let me know.

Happy Birthday Lara.  I hope you enjoy these cubes, too.



  1. These blocks are fabulous, Erin!!!!

  2. Hi Erin, it took me a while to find out you are my latest follower cause my readers list only gives the names but never their blog names. I am glad you found my blog. I found yours on Lily's too. I am still catching up with reading all the new blogs, leaving comments and pressing the Follow button ;-)
    I really like those cubes. Very cute!

  3. oh wow........i really adore these!! They are unbelievably cute. I would LOVE a tutorial :)