Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WOW - Thank You!

Isn't Blogland wonderful?  Everyone seems so nice, friendly, willing to help and incredibly generous but, saying all that, I still didn't realise what an amazing "family" I was joining when I began this blog.

So... consider me absolutely gobsmacked when Lynne posted a call-out for advice on my palette choices for the upcoming Dead Simple QAL (read my original post here).

And... then... I was absolutely blown away by all the people who actually took the time to stop by and comment.  WOW!!  So a big thank you to each and every one of you for not only assisting me in this incredibly difficult choice but for also making my day week.

Now I know you are all wondering what I have decided - but unfortunately you'll have to wait a little bit longer as I still haven't made up my mind (no great surprise there).  I can say, though, that today I remembered that I have a little treat on order so this little beauty may just have to inspire my final purple shades.  Love!

Tufted Tweets Itty Bitty Chairs on Orchid by Laurie Wisbrun for Robert Kaufman

I have since discovered that this particular collection also happens to include a little yellow and a lighter shade of purple.  Hmm... interesting.  Very interesting.  :)

Tufted Tweets Birds on a Wire on Orchid

Other than that little teaser, I would like to give you all a rundown of the final votes from the last post.  I found this super interesting, especially because it involved a little secret challenge between me and my partner.  Basically, I came up with Palette 1, he designed Palette 2... and Palette 3 was supposed to be a compromise.  So without further ado, the results are -

Ahh... and again I say a BIG thank you!  At first glance we thought he'd romp it in - and consequently he's been bragging about it all evening.  But when I actually sat down and did a count of everyone's first choice... I managed to cross the line infront.  Barely... but it's still a win to me so it counts!  Hehehe.  ;)

For those that are interested or looking for some assistance with their own palettes, here are some of the suggestions I found helpful (I might be paraphrasing here) -

  • You do not have to limit yourself to a particular number of shades.  It might just be me (embarassingly!) but I got completely fixated on only using five colours... until a few people mentioned working with Palette 2 whilst also adding in the dark purple from Palette 1.  Great idea.
  • Aim for contrast by having light, dark and inbetween.
  • Think about who the quilt is for - this may help you with the final decision.  I'm making this for our house so I just need to make the two of us happy.  I say "just".  Ha.  ;)
  • Narrow down a palette but then go shopping with an open mind - you may find fabrics in a slightly different shade that will still complement the original idea.
  • This QAL is a great opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone - so go with the flow and have fun!

If you are also participating in Lynne's Dead Simple QAL then I look forward to seeing what colours you choose and where it leads you.  If you haven't signed up yet, why not?  It's sure to be a blast.  :)



  1. Blog-land never ceases to amaze me, too! It is strangely captivating, this whole color palette thing, right? I am pretty obsessed, erm, focused on it too, and it hasn't even officially started. Go figure.

    I'm still deciding b/w 3.. feed back welcome!

  2. Pretty fabrics. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and how these fabrics influence you.
    After hearing the story behind the palette options, I thought I'd suggest a merging of them: take the two yellows from palette 2 and the darker one from palette 3, take each of the blues from palettes 1 and 2, and both of the purples from palettes 1 and 2. This would give you 3 shades of yellow, 2 of blue and 4 of purple and would allow you to do some more subtle shading.
    Although, shading might not be necesary for this QAL, so maybe as a palette for a future quilt (since we all know that we like to plot future projects as much as we like working on current ones)

  3. Seeing the results of the poll was interesting - I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose (but the tufted tweets would be wonderful!) and I think your list of suggestions will be very helpful.
    P.S. Yeah - blogger is going to let me actually leave this comment rather than writing and losing it 3 times!!