Thursday, September 8, 2011

Erin v Brutus, Round 1

Brutus, in the... err... flesh.

As I finished work at 9am yesterday I was motivated early to get lots of sewing done.  Yay!  I happily envisaged hours and hours behind the machine working away to my heart's content.  The house was empty, dinner plans had been made and no housework desperately needed to be done.  Bliss!

Firstly, I finished my Dad's apron (photos to come).  Then I moved onto a project for Mr Missy Mac (oh how he will just love that name) which was just about finished when disaster struck.

*** play scary music now ***

In the final few stitches my needle broke.  No great disaster, it happens.  But then, just for fun, it fell down into my machine.  Oh shit.  Now I'm not a mechanical person.  I'm more the kind of gal who is just happy that things go so the thought of having to use a screwdriver and open up my machine wasn't very appealing.  But neither was paying $$$ for someone to do for me.  Not surprisingly my stinginess prevailed and out came the screws.  Wow... look at all the bits and pieces and thingymebobs inside.   Ooo.  Preeeeetty.

This is about where I started to make mistakes.  I tend to be a little rough and heavy handed when things... excuse me... piss me off.  And, by this point, I was pretty grumpy.  So I yanked and tugged and poked and prodded, all the while swearing at my machine.

Brutus (he has since been named and we are still not on speaking terms) then got the last laugh.  During the struggle I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back.  Ouch!  Consequently, sewing ceased and the dinner plans (which had already been paid for and were non-refundable) were cancelled.  I instead spent the evening laying on the loungeroom floor in pain.

Erin 0, Brutus 1.

The moral of the story?  I am really not a mechanical person so next time, no matter what the situation, I'm going to happily fork out my hard-earned cash to a hot repairman/woman and let them deal with it.  Honestly.



  1. You know? I was wondering why in the hell your back was hurting you...this was freaking hilarious... I mean I am not glad your back is hurt (because that sucks and I've been there) it is just this description was awesome...

    Why in the H am I up right now? Um, yeah, because I am drafting my T.T.T. post...which I guess technically should already be up. Damn.

  2. Aw! I broke a needle for the first time last week--and it was 100% my fault--and I was REALLY lucky the broken part of the needle didn't fall into my machine. I'm sorry that it happened to you and that you hurt your back getting it out! I hope you feel better soon and that you get your revenge on Brutus...somehow..:)

  3. That must have been some tussle! Hope your back gets better soon and Brutus realises the error of his ways...

  4. Ha, were you holding it upside down and shaking it when you hurt your back? Would a magnet have got the needle out? Hope it's all fixed. (If you have a hot repairman, give me his number. I'm looking for a man with a longarm quilting machine as no 1 priority tho!)