Monday, September 5, 2011

The Moment of Truth

Last Monday I wrote a post listing a number of items that I hoped to have finished within the week.  Well... now is the time to own up to my successes and, sadly, shortcomings.  Here is a rundown of the projects I did finish.

APRON #1 - Admittedly I did leave a little project off my list, as I didn't want to spoil the surprise.  The first apron I planned to make wasn't actually for my own father (sorry Ted) but instead for a friend, Dave, who is a brand new Dad celebrating his first ever Fathers' Day.  As he has previously been seen wearing a very pretty, light blue and white apron with lovely little cupcakes pictured on the pocket I thought it was high-time for a change.  So, to give Dave a small shot of testosterone, I whipped up a black and grey number with "Who's Your Daddy?" appliqued in red.  Here is a picture from their phone (sorry about the quality) complete with props.

BLOCKS - As I've previously mentioned, So Sarah Sews recently put a call out for people to donate either a Charming Stars block or Garden Fence blocks, in pinks and purples.  As the two quilts are destined for sisters I really wanted to make one of each so I could really spread the love.  Below are the blocks I made.

I am sooooo happy with the Garden Fence block (on the left) and I now have a million and one plans to make a million and one quilts using this pattern.  It was so quick and easy to make yet turns out really well.  I especially like it in the grey and yellows as per the original design by Hyacinth Quilt Designs.

On the other hand, though, the Charming Stars design (the pattern I used was from Moda Bake Shop but I seem to be having a little trouble finding the direct link now, sorry) wasn't so much fun.  I just couldn't seem to get the points to meet the centre square while sticking with the 1/4" seam allowance.  In the end I think I may have stuffed up the final sizing so I have bets on (with myself) that it will be used on the back of the final quilt...  ;)

PIN CUSHION(S) - For this quick and easy project I just raided my scraps bucket and simply sewed together a few squares and added a button to finish the look.  Easy!  In fact... these were so quick and simple that I whipped a few more - as I tend to spread my sewing areas around the whole house so just one would never do.  Again I apologise for the less than crappy photo.

 PLASTIC BAG HOLDER - My poor Mummy is often the one left waiting the longest for sewing presents so I am happy to report that, for once, she wasn't last on the list.  This plastic bag holder was destined to be displayed proudly in her kitchen so I made it a little smaller than my own as I liked the idea of keeping it cute and compact, rather than big and bulky.  And, yes, before you ask - the chairs I tend to use as props are also on the to-do list.  :)

So... now it is time to own up to those WIPS which are still feeling neglected and unloved in my sewing room.

APRON #2 - I am confident that this will be finished this week as the hard part (the applique) is all done and dusted.  And, may I say, it is GOR-JUS!  Now all I need to do is cut out and sew on the lining, together with the ties.  One of the things I love most about this design is the adjustable neck strap - perfect for everyone.  Stay tuned for the big reveal.

PERSONALISED PILLOWS - Nope, no progress has been made here.  Bring on their 21st birthdays...

TUTORIAL - I obviously didn't get this one done, or you would have seen the post.  Never fear, though, as I have all the necessary "ingredients"... I just really need to find my nerve.  Hmm...



  1. I can't stand when it erases my first comment...then I'm all on the spot to be clever twice! So, I'll just say Plastic Bag Holder = Jealous. :p

  2. I know you didn't get everything done that you'd hoped but you've still done lots - I'm struggling to imagine how you'd manage more unless you cut out eating and sleeping!