Sunday, September 25, 2011

Silly Specifics with Sunday Stealing

It's Silly Sunday so here's a few random facts about moi.

A.   Age:  29

B.   Bed size:  Queen

C.   Chore that you hate:  Ironing

D.   Dogs:  No pets.  But I (very) occassionally borrow my parents' Maltese/Poodle for walks on the beach

E.   Essential start to your day:  A hot shower

F.   Favorite colour:  Purple

G.   Gold or Silver:  Gold

H.   Height:  163cm... err...5'3"?

I.   Instruments you play:  None well but I have dabbled with the recorder (ugh), keyboard and trumpet (double ugh)

J.   Job title:  (Super) Nanny

K.   Kids:  None

L.   Live:  Perth, Western Australia

M.   Mother's name:  Lynette

N.   Nicknames:  Ernie... or Ezza (but I suggest you don't go there)

O.   Overnight hospital stays:  Just one, I think.  I hate hospitals

P.   Pet peeve:  Lately I'm on a crusade to stop people from parking their shopping trolleys in the middle of the aisle and then just walking away.  Move to the side, people, move to the side.

Q.   Quote from a movie:  "I just know, before this is over, I'm gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy. Look at my eye twitchin'"  ~ Donkey (Shrek)

R.   Right or left handed:  Right

S.   Siblings:  1 sister and 3 brothers. I'm the youngest

T.   Time you wake up:  As late as possible

U.   Underwear:  Yes

V.   Vegetable you hate:  I like most vegetables but am not a fan of cooked carrots (raw is fine)

W.   What makes you run late:  Sleeping in

X.   X-Rays you've had:  Some on my back waaaay back when... but thankfully nothing was wrong

Y.   Yummy food that you make:  Everything I make is yummy.  Ok, that is a total lie

Z.   Zoo animal:  Orangutans.  Love!

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