Thursday, September 8, 2011

TTT - the Research Edition

Thursday Think Tank

So what does one do when one is not talking to one's sewing machine?  The answer is simple (and, no, it isn't housework).  Google.  Pinterest.  Flickr.  Blog hop.  Any of these ring a bell?  ;)  So many yummy items and ideas are out there just begging to be found and ooo'd and aah'd over.  Many are even destined to be added to my to-do list (uh oh).  So, in no particular order, here are today's top 3.

Black & White Quilt
I have been considering a black & white quilt for some time and I just love this design found at Leanne's House.  The simple layout is extremely effective and allows the fabric to speak for itself.  And that splash of red towards the bottom is divine.  Mind you, I can't imagine ever being able to quilt like that.  Ahh.

Sleepover Pajamas by Oliver & S
My mum and I have been umming over a project for my 19th month old nephew and we've now finally come up with a plan.  As my brother, his dad, has always been a little obsessed with the army I'll be making some sleepwear in a green camoflage print, together with a little matching soft toy.  Cute!  Of course I went straight to Oliver & S... and luckily for me they have just released some Sleepover Pajamas in their new fall (ahem... autumn... ahem) range.

Subway Art
I've always loved subway art and would love one of my own with a little personal twist.  What that personal twist is is yet to be determined so my thinking cap is on.  If you, too, love these artworks and would like to create your own then check out this great tutorial at Lil Blue Boo.


This post has been linked to Thursday Think Tank with making rebecca lynne.  If you are yet to check out her fabulous blog then pop over there now, have a looksee and say hello.  That's an order.  :)



  1. THANK YOU! Love the subway art, must visit Lil Blue Boo. But most importantly I am digging the banner! Nice frame, and still purple thank goodness...

  2. Oh, i like that black and white. But I've just finished my own - think you saw it. NO, BAD GIRL, I MUST NOT START ANOTHER QUILT!!!

  3. Yes, yes, and YES! A black and white quilt would look fabulous, particularly with that design. Fun PJs, and Oliver+S patterns are so great! And I freaking love subway art and think I'm going to have to make some for every room in my house. Maybe not the bathroom...that might be weird...So glad to have found your blog!