Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Whinge and a Reveal

Truth be told, I'm not doing so well lately.  I guess the main reason is that my beloved Mr C has recently flown off to South America for 3 whole months... and even though I thought I was mentally prepared for that, it is now glaringly obvious that I wasn't.   I miss him more than I thought was possible.  So, take this as a warning.  I may be up-and-down, in-and-out until Mr C returns and wraps his long arms around me for a big, squeezy hug.

What is really funny is that I had planned to dive head-first into a million crafty projects to keep myself busy while he was gone BUT... as he flew away so did my inspiration.  It is gone.  Lost.  AWOL.  I just keep hoping beyond hope that it returns soon or I might just go crazy.  Surely a sane person has a limit on how many infomercials can be watched??

Thankfully, I had finished this little project before he left and, as it has now safely arrived in Tasmania, I can reveal it to you all.

I started making this personalised pillow months and months ago, when I first heard about the arrival of little Miss Nelly.  Then... her mummy started up her own little business making & creating (check out her Facebook page - Crunchy Baby Crunchy Kids) and I freaked out.  Literally freaked out.  How could I possibly send my creation to someone who is, bets on, much more talented and crafty than me??  Eek!  So the Nelly pillow got put aside... and was destined to forever languish unfinished and unloved in some deep dark corner of my sewing den.

Then, lo and behold, I suddenly got guts and, after a few minor design tweaks (ok, ok I completely changed the font and fabric) I got it finished.  Yay!  And, surprisingly, I am really happy with the final results. 

Miss Nelly, I hope you love it too.  :)



  1. I L-O-V-E the font on this pillow. Oooh...so yummy. And pink, so you know I dig. As for your inspiration, mine goes on a weekly hiatus and I suffer freak outs as you know. So. It hasn't been that long since Mr. C left...I say just wallow a bit and eventually that Righteous Babe Mojo that I know is dormant inside you will find its way back in full force before you know it. And then how will I keep up with you???

  2. The pillow looks very cool! Love the girly colors! Being THE expert in long distance relationships I can tell you that those 3 months will go by quickly. I will go visit my husband in a little less than 3 months as well. So we can console each other or we just find a fun little countdown for our blogs or I can send you goooooood german chocolat ... How does that sound?

  3. Very cute pillow! I think Sana's idea about the chocolate is a good one...And I completely understand about the intimidation factor of making something for someone else. Yay to you for having guts and getting it done. No need to be nervous, it looks fabulous!

  4. Love the cushion - adorable! I hope the pain of separation has eased a little and that the sewing goddess has paid you a visit xx

  5. Glad you found the guts to send the pillow. It really is adorable!!! Love the colours!!!