Thursday, September 15, 2011

Red and Orange and ...

Exciting news this week - the Fabric Fairy finally decided to grace my doorstep with her presence.  Joy!  I put this order in about 5wks ago and have been patiently waiting with bated breath ever since.  And, I have to admit, even though I would much rather receive my orders right away - the wait has been worth it for these lovelies.

BLUE - Children at Play - Chasing Airplanes / Dot to Dot / Racer Stripe
GREEN - Me and My Sister Favorites - Swirls / Rick Rack / Bouquet
 RED - Aqua Red - Baby Boomerang / Mini Fleur / Tiny Gingham
YELLOW - Hoo's in the Forest - Plaid / Mini Dots / Jumping Jacks
ORANGE - Annie's Farm Stand - Ring Dings / Annie's Big Dot / Good Old Gingham

It might look like a slightly eclectic mix but my rationale is this - (1) I needed bright fun colours (in triple) for a project I'm currently working on (stay tuned); and (2) I figured any new blenders etc wouldn't hurt my stash.  Now I've seen and stroked and talked to them I am extremely happy with my choices and think that they all mix and mesh together pretty well.  I love how bright they all are!

Of course, I find it had to go beyond the gorgeous Children at Play.  Originally I didn't see what all the hype was about this line (I know, I know... I'm a newbie... forgive me) but after seeing some lovely projects pop up all over the net I had to jump in and get my hands on some, and this was a perfect excuse.  Probably not surprisingly, now I want some of the girly designs too.  Hmm...

While I was at it I also added this cute and fun Snails & Turtles fabric from Love U as I have a friend who is a little obsessed (yes, you are) with turtles at the moment.  How could I resist?!

In all honesty I've already cut into these darlings, and starting sewing, as that's how eager I was to receive them.  At least it'll give me something to do while waiting on my next 3 orders to arrive...  ;)



  1. Drool! What is it about a rainbow array of fabric that gets me lusting? And I want those snails...

  2. The fabrics are gorgeous, and you can never have too many polka dots/swirls/simple patterns. They work with everything!