Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Introducing... Laurie

Picture this, if you will.  A few days before Christmas, whilst I was in Adelaide enjoying some one-on-one time with Mr C, I get a cryptic text message from Laura saying "I think I will go and look at the sewing machine for you - it looks awesome."  Huh???  Of course, I thought she was looking at some new beaut, fancy-pants Bernina for herself and using me as an excuse but, no, she honestly meant for me.  Apparently earlier on she'd emailed me a link to a second-hand machine for sale in her neck of the woods and she was keen to check it out on my behalf.  Umm... oki doki!

At this point I should interject and just clarify that at that stage, Laura and I had never actually met or even chatted on the phone (she didn't even know I wasn't in Perth).  So the fact that this almost stranger (you know what I mean!) was willing to go out of her way and do this for me was... humbling.  Seriously, I was touched.

Anyway... hours later (whilst Mr C and I was enjoying a bevy or two and watching the sun set), Laura rang me with her report.  It was a Brother BC-2500, in near new condition, going for half-price.  Noice!  She was a little concerned that (a) the automatic threader didn't work (I didn't even know what that was but figured I could manage without it) and (b) it only had 60 different stitch types (I just laughed).  After a brief chat about the pros and cons, and then a few seconds of battering my eyelashes at Mr C (it didn't take much as he'd had a few), it was decided that Laura would pick it up for me and then I'd grab it from her once I returned.  Score!

Of course, even now I can't get over the slight craziness of it all.  I mean, we barely knew each other and, yet, we both we were willing to go along with this whole idea.  Isn't it funny how sometimes you just trust someone inexplicably?  For me, especially, that was so out of character because I can be as cynical and untrusting as they come but this time I followed my gut and I'm so glad I did.  Not only because I have a fabulous new machine but I also now have a fabulous new friend.  :)

So, without further ado, meet my Little Brother, Laurie.  Yes, he was named in honour of his finder & minder, Laura.

I was super dooper excited to pick him up and have a play on Friday - and he did not disappoint.  Besides a few teething problems as I got used to a computerized machine (Laura, in her ex-"teacherness" was very patient!) it was a lot of fun to sew on something so... smooth and trustworthy.  I even had my first ever go at FMQ which was a laugh but definitely whet my appetite.  Unfortunately I don't have a pic of my efforts for you to have a chuckle at.  Next time (my darning foot should arrive shortly)!

Now, what does a new machine need when he comes home?  Why, a new cover, of course!

I LOVE this donkey print by Alexander Henry - I also have it in white (anyone surprised?).  I've been hoarding it for a few months waiting for the perfect project to come along and ta-da.  I'm soooo happy with it.  Everytime I walk by and see it I can't help but smile.

This cover came together very quickly and was so simple I didn't need to use a tutorial.  Basically, it is just a rectangle with some ribbons sewn into the binding for ties.  The quilting is a little hard to see but it is crazy lines, as suggested by M-R for my Terrain Mod Mosaic Pillow.  This design was a lot of fun and very, very easy.

Lastly, here is Laurie settling into his new home.  I even cleaned up my sewing room for his benefit!

Welcome Laurie.  I'm sure this is the start of a wonderful (and productive) new partnership.  :)

Anyone else get an unexpected windfall over Christmas?  Feel free to leave a message and brag.



  1. Brilliant!! How nice is Laura?! Loving the cover, I too may be getting a new/old machine soon but nothing so fancy. Can't wait to see your fmq ;)
    Oh and hello gorgeous sewing area, I really do need some shelves!!

  2. Awesome! It looks so much like mine - I've got the cs6000i. It's blue where yours is grey. I love mine - it's been a great machine. Congrats on the new machine!

  3. Hee hee, love the donkeys! Laurie looks quite similar to my Little Brother, possibly the next range down, but near as damnit, have fun with him :o) Little Brother is now my travelling machine after I bought BIG Brother last September. I also have Big Brother's Little Brother, who is an overlocker. I think I need more inventive names... Kermit maybe? ;o)

  4. Love Laurie and his donkey cover! And Laura sounds like a wonderful friend!

  5. What an awesome gift! I need a couple of laura's in my life... at least one!

  6. excellent - enjoy playing and getting to know him better!

  7. That is very cool! I love love love the sewing machine cover. What great fabric!
    Now I feel a bit sad, looking at my sewing machine who only occasionally gets covered up with the cheap plastic thing that she came with. I should remedy that.

  8. Aw shucks maam, you'd have done the same for me... Love the cover! Does bring a smile to the face. TGIFF it - the cover I mean... :) Can you come and tidy my sewing room now? ;)